Before and After Photos of Our Home

As you may have seen in the two previous posts, our home in Phoenix is for sale right now.  My husband has a job offer in Austin, TX.


Our heads are spinning with sorting through various offers on our home right now.  We hope to be under contract later today and in Austin just before Christmas.

A few agents that came through commented on how different the house looked from when it was on the MLS two years ago (when we purchased it).   So, I thought it may be fun to show you some before and after photos of various rooms and soon, of the yard.  We bought this home as a short sale, so keep that in mind.

So here we go with a long post – more of my house seen here than ever before.  Not all photos are of good quality.  Most before photos were taken pre-blog as we were looking at the house so we could remember what we saw.

I have many photos of some rooms and only one of other rooms.  Bear with me.

Kitchen – Before

House-001  House-003

House-006  House-016-2

Kitchen – After



Family Room – Before

These photos may also help you see how the rooms connect.

House-028-2  House-069

House-097  House-114

House-004  House-005

Family Room – After



Media Room – Before

House-002  House-007

Media Room – After



Laundry Room – Before

House-071  House-072

Laundry Room – After

I kind of stopped in the middle of the design plan due to the sudden listing of our home.  So, I decided not to add the benches, chandelier, carpet runner, or mirrors.



Bedroom – Before


We don’t have an after of this room.  It’s just a workout room with a treadmill and such.  It has not been decorated.

Craft Room/ Studio – Before

House-107  House-109

Craft Room/ Studio – After



Master Bedroom – Before


Master Bedroom – After

Master Bedroom-025



Office – Before

That’s our agent…


Office – After




I don’t have photos of the guest room handy, but it was an office and is now a guest room downstairs.  Otherwise, that is most everything but the other two bathrooms.

Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.


  1. The office and craft rooms are amazing… and I still think that you have the best laundry room ever! Congrats on having such quick sale of the house, but I’m sure it’s in part to the wonderful work you’ve done on it!

  2. Love the before and afters. Hopefully you’ll be on your way to TX soon!

  3. No wonder you sold right away! It looks wonderful. Nice and bright and up to date. Can’t wait until you start again in Austin. Ann

  4. Wow, Kristy! On one hand, it must be hard to leave when you put all that hard (and beautiful) work into the house. But, on the other hand, I’m sure it sold quickly because it’s mind-blowingly gorgeous. Well done!

  5. That transformation in insane!

  6. Wow you really fixed up the place. I love your design sense. Nice work.

  7. Kristy, you’ve done a wonderful job with your home! Your style really speaks to me – bold and colorful, classic yet edgy!

  8. wow! its all lovely! You have put a lot of love & effort into your home and Im sure you new home will be just as amazing!

  9. Wonderful transformations! I really love your laundry wall. Was that stencil on the walls? If it is, you really did a beautiful job.

    Thanks for your lovely comments and for sharing your home with us. Good luck with the giveaway, thanks for entering! :)


  10. Wowie-kazowie!! You folks have been busy your rooms look incredible. Terrific colors, furniture and accessories your house has for become a home. Love the master bedroom!

  11. WOW. I really liked a lot- especially your laundry room, master bedroom, and office. The drapes over the small windows in your bedroom are so smart! We have those too, and I don’t have a clue what to do with them.

  12. I love the bed frame in your master bedroom. Would you mind sharing where it was from? Thanks

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