Before and After Photos of Our Yard

Before, in 2009.


After.  Look how the tree grew!


We purchased our house as a short sale, so the yard wasn’t in the best condition.  When the previous owners realized they’d be losing their home, I’m sure they weren’t that motivated to continue yard work.  That is understandable.  I want to share how the yard looked just prior to us moving in and how it looked later on.

You can click any photo for a closer look.

Overview from 2nd Story Window – Before

House-085  House-089

Overview from 2nd Story Window – After

You’ll see a glimpse of some dirt in the grassy are on the left. That was always there as they had used that space for a fire pit. We have uncovered sprinkler system lines and planned to add soil and sod for a few hundred dollars. Just didn’t get a chance.

You may also be wondering what that long wall of dirt is.  It’s the canal that feeds all of AZ water.  It runs from Lake Havasu across our state.  It’s not pretty, but it means no houses will ever be built behind ours.

Master-084 Master-087

Pool Area  – Before

House-030-2  House-032-2

House-033-2  House-034-2

Pool Area – After

cushions-010  cushions-016

House for MLS-024-2  Yard-004-2

Left Side Yard – Before

House-035-2  House-036-2

Left Side Yard – After

Those are fruit trees – lemon, lime and tangelo.

Yard-009-2  Yard-012-2

Back Corner – Before

House-044-2  House-045-2

Back Corner – After

However, we wanted to take the grass out eventually and put a garden back there.  We didn’t get a chance.

Please ignore the ugly blanket over the freshly planted peach tree.  It’s no longer there.  That’s a pomegranate tree to the left of the blanket.

Yard-018-2  Yard-022

Right Yard – Before

House-049-2  House-087

House-088  House-052

Right Side – After

MLS-037  MLS-038

Yard-026  Yard-029

Right Side Yard, Pool Equipment – Before

House-053  House-055

Right Side Yard, Pool Equipment – After

We have not completed the pool equipment surround, but the estimate is pretty inexpensive at around $200.

Yard-032  Yard-038

Yard-039  Yard-047

Other After Shots:




We did the following:
- We had a crew haul out a trailer full of weeds.  We’ve since tried to keep up and have pulled weeds weekly.
- We removed landscape lighting that wasn’t attached to a power source and had cords all over.
- We redid a lot of the sprinkler lines.
- We seeded grass.
- We removed 35 plants and 2 trees.
- We planted 36 new plants.
- We moved a ceiling fan.
- We added patio furniture.
- We cleaned up a lot of debris.
- We sprayed lots of weeds.
- We fertilized all plants.
- We buried sprinkler lines that had not been buried.
- We put together two containers for pool equipment and toys.
- We trimmed plants and trees.
- We took down a dead tree.
- We replaced the pool pump and salt water system.
- We replaced the sprinkler valves.
- And we brought in 36 tons of rocks for ground covering between grassy areas.

Whew!  Lots of hard work inside and out in the last two years.  Hope you enjoyed the before and after tour of our yard.

We’re gonna miss this place.  I don’t know if you are familiar with Phoenix real estate, but most yards are extreme small at maybe 6,000-9,000 sq ft.  Our yard is 16,708 (.38 acres) and it has privacy.  That is very very difficult to find here.  I think it’s a big reason it sold quickly.  We are so thrilled to be under contract after just a few days.



  1. Wow, what a difference a few years makes! Will you be staying in Phoenix?

  2. Wow, what a difference! It’s so beautiful! Congrats on selling your house so fast!

  3. Congratulations again! You transformed the place and made it so beautiful ~ every space inside and out is amazing! We finally have a buyer as of today on our other house. Now I’m praying everything goes smoothly and quickly!!! I hope you have some help packing. :-)

  4. wow, looks like you guys did a lot. It looks beautiful. Congratulations on selling so quickly!

  5. Kristy,

    My husband and I actually viewed your home in Phoenix when it first came on the market. At the time, we were waiting on a short sale we had under contract but were just about ready to pull the plug on that house. We absolutely loved your home but had decided we wanted a ranch. It was stunning to say the least, due to your hard work. We almost put in an offer but and we ended up getting the ranch that was a short sale after a very long wait. I’m a designer and an artist as well so I recognize a good thing when I see it. I saw your painted chairs and I knew they looked familiar but at the time I didn’t put it together that it was YOU that I had viewed on line. By chance I came across you and now the mystery is solved! You and your husband were the nicest people we encountered during our house hunt in Phoenix. I knew your home would sell very quickly.
    I’m in the process of decorating my house now, as you are. I’ve been working myself to the bone getting my home decorated as well. I will send you before and after photos when my house is show ready. It truly is a small world after all. All my Best, Colleen

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