Blogger Dinner

We invited several local bloggers to a night of dinner and shopping in Scottsdale Quarter which is a pretty swanky little shopping area in Phoenix.  However, only three of us could make it in the end.  But, it was still a fun night!

Pictured below are me, Annette from One Perfect Room and Carol from An Oasis in the Desert.

The photos are a little blurry because it was a night shot with low light and the shutter speed was slow.  That means any movement with the hand and it blurs.  Sorry!


We went to True Food Kitchen where Carol’s son is the executive chef.  It was a great experience, even with someone with food allergies, like me.


Aren’t their tables fabulous?  Love the yellow chairs.



Annette and Carol looked exactly like their photos on their blog and were just as I imagined.  Sweet and friendly.  If I wasn’t moving, I’d already be planning another get together!

Carol brought us all  handmade sugar scrub!  I so needed some more scrub.  So thoughtful of her!  I wish I had a photo, but I don’t… but it was very cutely packaged.  Impressive.


If you are a blogger and you haven’t done a get together (this was my first one), I definitely encourage it!


P. S.  The update on our house is that it is under contract, the inspection is done and clean… we are just waiting to close.


  1. How fun! I am working on getting a get together started for bloggers in my area but it’s hard to do when you don’t want to publicly reveal your location. Any tips? :) How did you find the bloggers in your area?

    • I didn’t announce it on my blog or do a call out for that reason. I personally contacted people from blogs that I follow that I knew were in Phoenix. We tried to keep it relatively small, but you could always then have each of them contact others. That’s what I’d do the next time around. Hope that helps some.

  2. Very nice, Kristy! I’m working on a post, too, but the granite guys just got here, so it will be a bit later…!
    :) CAS

  3. Can you Photoshop my face in:0( Im soooo sad I missed it!!!

  4. I just found your blog through CAS I wish I wouldve been able to make it to the get together! I live in Peoria. Im off to go check out more of your blog.

  5. I’m so bummed!!! I can’t believe I couldn’t go! )c: It looks like so much fun…I’m glad you girls had a great time!!!

  6. I have made some amazing friends through blogging network get-togethers. Hope you can find some great blog friends at your new location:)

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