Christmas Décor – Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful

I hope you had a great holiday!   Did you get shopping done?   Have you started to decorate for Christmas?

Today, Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful is joining us to share about Christmas décor.  If you haven’t met Aubrey, you’re missing out.  Take it away, Aubrey!


What is *up*, party people?!? It’s Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful!

You might be wondering why I am greeting you all like a 90′s rap song…it’s because I’m about to talk about holiday decorating, which gets me in the mood to P-A-R-T-why?!?  Because it’s the HOLIDAYS!!!

Don’t lie, you are as stoked about this as I am (c:

So I’ve been gathering up fun ideas for decorating things up like a champ…

I would love for it all to turn out like this:

…But let’s be honest with one another (I mean, we’ve know each other for like, 5 seconds, so I feel like I owe you that), my house will probably *NEVER EVER* look like this!

But I found some ideas that have me so excited like Santa on a cookie high:

A new twist on an old favorite…love the look of the book pages, quirky and vintage…

You could make the felt balls any color you wanted, but how adorable is it in multi-colored???

Absolutely adorable and festive…such a darling “upcycling” project!

Easy and even better…easy to take care of!

You could cover these babies in whatever your creative little mind can come up with, and they will be crazy adorable…

I love these wreaths…just a few (or a hundred) shatter-proof ornaments, a wire coat hanger, and some ribbon and bada bing, bada boom, AWESOME WREATH!

I’m so proud of myself for getting a head start on thinking up holiday ideas…I’ll be even *more* proud if I actually do the projects!!! hehehe!

Thanks so much, Kristy, for letting me play here today, it’s been fun!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Aubrey!



  1. Great job, I adore when the decor is 90% fresh and natural!

  2. Recycling the can for a container, great idea! Can’t wait to add felt balls to some sticks, great inspiration Aubrey!

  3. Great ideas! Love that Aubrey! I need to get my christmas bins out stat!!

  4. Love all the fun decorating ideas and Aubrey’s sense of humor! Fun post! :)

  5. those are awesome ideas and images! that first image of the dining room….. wow! but my house will never look like that either…. a gal can dream!

  6. Aubrey is awesome and it was so fun to see what she came up with! I especially liked the twigs with the little multi-colored balls…so many possibilities and a cute kids activity too – with beautiful results – gotta love that!

  7. That pinecone tree is amazing! I totally want to make one now!

  8. So many pretty things…I am in love with that beautiful turquoise door!!!

  9. So many great ideas. I need to get busy. My house needs some Christmas bling!

  10. I am loving the dining room with the great greenery around the windows and the potted paper whites as centerpieces. So beautiful!

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