Come to West Elm With Me

When we had the blogger meet up, I wandered through West Elm with my camera.  I thought I’d take you along on the trip.

I loved the texture of these items.

Blogger-001 Blogger-002

The color was so fun.   And, aren’t those lights great?

Blogger-006 Blogger-007

Blogger-010 Blogger-012

Blogger-015 Blogger-020

Blogger-021 Blogger-022

Blogger-023 Blogger-008

Blogger-026 Blogger-024

Blogger-028 Blogger-031

Blogger-032 Blogger-033

Blogger-034 Blogger-035

I took a photo of these curtains because they come in 108 inch length.  Not all stores sell them that long.  So, I wanted to take note.

Blogger-039 Blogger-042

Below are more curtains. 

Blogger-044 Blogger-045

On the right are rugs.

Blogger-046 Blogger-047

Blogger-049 Blogger-050

Blogger-051 Blogger-058

Blogger-060 Blogger-061

Blogger-064 Blogger-066


Blogger-069 Blogger-074

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  I’m getting lots of ideas for our future home.  By the way, we’ll be renting first while we look, so you’ll have to be patient with that process as I may not be having rooms to decorate for a bit.



  1. Oh, I adore West Elm! I could spend an embarrassing amount of money in that store. :)

  2. Can you believe I have never actually been to a West Elm? I just drool over their website and they send pretty packages to my door. :P

  3. Great stuff! I love West Elm!

  4. Love that mini ottoman, and those animal heads….great stuff!

  5. I just was in West Elm for the first time last week while on a trip, they don’t have a store by me. I was so excited to see the items in person, they are totally my style. I was shy about taking pics, but I’m so glad you snapped a lot!

  6. What a fun little tour! Since I can’t get there right now I appreciate it. ;) It’s not the same looking at their website…this was much better!

  7. Oh my gosh! I just went to West Elm the other day and did some major damage to my bank account. It just isn’t the same as looking on line. They had some duvets on clearence for under $40. Score! I so want to go back, they were just putting out their Christmas stuff, and it looked beautiful.

  8. Thanks for the tour. I’ve never been in that store before, & now know that I must do that!

    I’m sure you will be doing some form of decorating even in a rental……lol!

  9. Thanks for taking us along! I’ve never been in a West Elm, I’ve only been on their website (often). It was fun to see the photos of the actual store, it makes me want to go check one out! The nearest one is 1.5 hour away, but I’m thinking it might be worth it…

  10. It’s all so great. I could spend days shopping there.

  11. I went to West Elm and took almost the same photos! Aren’t they looking great?

  12. Their lighting is exceptional.. so many different, beautiful options! I never knew!

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