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When asked what sort of post I wanted my guests to do, I threw out the possibility of sharing a hidden space.  Sometimes when I read blogs it seems like these bloggers just have it so together.  Is every single space in their house really perfectly decorated?   I sure hope not!  Because we all know each room takes time… and well, mind sure aren’t!   Want proof?

Here is my guest room…  This photo is in no way touched up or styled.

guest room

The room is in a separate little area and it does have it’s own thermostat, but… it’s far from fully decorated.

- See that random blue square painted on the wall? The old bed needed a “headboard” – so that is what that is all about.
- See those little white dots? It’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. It’s holes that I patched. I can’t paint over them because it’s the color the previous owners had in the room and I have no idea what color it is! So, I’d need to paint the entire room…. sigh. I always said one day. But, now we are moving. So, that one day never came.
- Also, no curtains! And, well, everything in there is left over.  And, well, it’s not too greatly styled.
- See the tag hanging off the comforter?

That’s right – buyers were seeing these hidden spaces as they toured my house!  Eek.

If anyone else is brave enough to share a hidden space, I may share another one or two.  I have two unfinished bathrooms and an unfinished workout room!

Shelley, from Crazy Wonderful, bravely took the challenge to share a “hidden space” in her house.  By hidden, I meant one that doesn’t really make it on to the blog ever… one that you don’t really show people on the tour.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should!

Take it away, Shelley!


Thank you so much for having me over Kristy!

I’m Shelley from Crazy Wonderful, and I’m here to open the door on my “hidden room”.  I don’t EVER show people this room.

When the bed was put together this was our guest room. Minus the crib, and random bits of project furniture.


I felt bad for our guests because there was zip, zero, zilch thought put into this room.  It was basically just a place to put my bedroom furniture from before I got married.  That’s right, the lovely matchy-matchy set :D

Most recently it housed a crib for shooting photos for my new store.  That’s why only half the room is painted :D

Now, I need it to be a fabulous big girl room for my little girl.

We’ve got a long way to go baby!

Hope this makes you all feel a little better about your hidden spaces :D

Thanks for sharing your hidden space with us!  I do like the texture in that furniture and I love those bamboo shades!

Do we all have hidden spaces?  Or, is your house completely decorated?



  1. I totally love this post! It’s great to know that I’m not the only one that thinks if things are hidden then it’s okay (c: And speaking of love…that little settee is *AWESOME*! What have you got planned for that baby?!? I can’t wait to see!

  2. Thanks again Kristy for inviting me to guest! You know, I think showing that room was just the kick in the pants I needed. I’ve already finished painting it, moved out some of the junk, and painted that orange-ish dresser! I’ll think of it as room therapy :D And yes, there is definitely a plan for that settee!

  3. Great post Kristy and Shelley…two of my favorite bloggers! Oh believe me I have one/two maybe even three of those rooms in my house! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so funny to me because even my ‘styled’ spaces are often in the upheal that’s accompanied with three little kids. Right now, I feel like EVERY room is a work in progress!!! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  5. Great posts!! I have a couple of hiddend spaces too. Our bedroom is one of them…hope to share with you all soon!

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