House Project – Guest Post from Blooming Hydrangea

Today we have Ange from The Blooming Hydrangea.  She is going to share one of her recent projects with all of you.  Enjoy!


Hello Hyphen readers, I am so glad to be here today, helping Kristy out while she’s packing up and moving! What an exciting time for her and her husband. I know all too well how the packing and searching for a new home can go as our family just moved across state lines this past June.

One of the first projects I had in mind for our new home was turning our front entryway closet into a cloffice.  If you don’t know what a cloffice is, it’s a closet office.   I was really  missing our cloffice from the last house and was tired of my counters having piles of papers on them. The hubby wasn’t really on board with the idea because he was concerned about guest’s not having a place to hang their coats. While browsing pinterest one day, I found the solution to our coat dilemma, a shelf with hooks that my hubby could build for me!

Source: via Ange@thebloominghydrangea on Pinterest

While the cloffice was the first project I wanted to start on, really the entryway needed to be finished first. I started by painting the back of the door black so that the fingerprints from our children and also paw prints from our dogs would be less visible.


Next we removed the bi-fold doors from the closet and the wire shelving from inside along with our vacuums and other miscellaneous stuff we had  hidden stored in there. We decided to start painting all our trim white and will also start replacing all the doors with six panel hollow core doors. 


We had a place for guests to hang their coats but what to do with all the gear like purses, hats, gloves and scarves?  I grabbed a bookshelf that was in my daughter’s bedroom, spray painted it black and then purchased two baskets from Hobby Lobby for storage for the guests.  I also had a white mirror that I spray painted gold and hung above the bookshelf so you can check for stuff between your teeth before answering the door.  You never know who might come knocking. 


We thought perhaps a white banister and railing might not be the best idea with four children in the house so we opted for a black banister and hand railings. I really like how it ties together with the door.


I just love the shelf and coat hooks, so simple yet adds a nice touch to a boring hallway. Above the shelf I wanted to add some family photos in black frames. My friend Monica from Read My Walls not only did our family photo shoot but she also sells these beautiful frames for the pictures. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, perfect for any decor and also make a great gift! They were the perfect touch and I can’t wait to add a few more pictures to the grouping and maybe even find something to cover up the security system! If you have any ideas for that, send them my way!


This wall is so hard to photograph because it’s in a hallway and I don’t feel like I can do the shelf or the frames justice.  My camera has seen better days, I’m hoping Santa is nice to me this year and brings me something that starts with a C and ends with an A.

For the finishing touch we purchased a gray area rug from Kohl’s.  I liked the rug and hopefully it won’t show as much dirt as a lighter color rug would.  So far, so good, even the Schnauzer and Goldendoodle approve!

Here are a few final shots next to each other.  Just pretend the green tape and oak trim aren’t showing in the photo of the stairs, k?  Great! 

Thanks for coming into the entry of my home and letting me share one of the quickest and easiest makeovers we’ve done!  Always make a good first impression, even when it’s entering your home!  Thanks for having me today Kristy, it was an honor to be here!

Thanks for sharing, Ange!  What a difference.  Love the thoughtfulness that went into it all.  That cloffice is awesome.  Be sure to check her blog out!



  1. Love the cloffice and the black and white trim!

  2. LOVE all the changes she made! And, the cloffice is a great idea :D

  3. Wow, Ange! What a huge difference that makes! I sure hope Santa brings you your camera, too, because then we keep getting to see amazing projects from you! (c:

  4. Thanks Kristy for having me today and everyone for your kind comments!

  5. The cloffice is wonderful and your entry gallery wall up the stairs is a great addition!

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