Garage Sale Tomorrow!

We are cleaning out the house and getting ready for a garage sale.  Our neighborhood will have a community wide garage sale tomorrow.  Yay!   If you are local and want to come by, let me know.

(That’s not my house.)

Here are some garage sale tips from Kim Lemmon.

1.  Go early for the best selection.
2.  Here’s the contradiction – go late for the best deals.  Many times people send anything that does not sell to Goodwill or other charity, so you can get a good deal by catching them at the last minute.
3.  Have a vehicle with you that’s big enough to get your stuff home.
4.  Bring your tape measure, especially if you’re looking for a piece that will go in a pre-determined location.

We already had an early looker and sold $80 worth of stuff.  Yay!   Hope the rest sells!

Here is some of what I will be putting out on Saturday.

Garage Sale-004 Garage Sale-010

Garage Sale-014 Garage Sale-015

Garage Sale-021 Garage Sale-022

Pier 1 sofa.

Garage Sale-025

We’re also selling the leather ottoman in our family room.

This, my friends, is how I usually manage to get new things for my house.  I sell old things.  My general rule is that if we hadn’t made good use of it in the past year, it’s game for being sold.  And, right now, with wanting to decorate our next home a little differently, most things are game.

Happy shopping!



  1. You got a ton of stuff, good luck!

  2. good luck with the sale! i see lots of money in your future, some great stuff there!

  3. I wish I lived in Phoenix so I could come buy some of your treasures! You’ll be moving to my home state soon though. (I live in San Antonio) Good Luck at the Garage Sale!

  4. ahh! i love yard sales and i bet you have some sweet stuff!!

  5. I am totally wanting that turquoise candlestick holder in the 1st picture…. im totally jealous!! Bummer I dont live close!


  6. Nice!! Hope you made a bunch of $$$ I have been taking things to consignment stores…a little easier for me. Was it a good day?

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