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Hidden Spaces – Carissa from The Fabulous Design File

I hope you all had a great Christmas!  Did anyone hit after Christmas sales?  It’s the best time to get Christmas decor and gifts for the next year!  I missed all of that because at our family Christmas celebrations, we managed to catch bad colds.  So, we’ve been home sick ever since.

On the move front, we made it to Austin on week before Christmas, got into the rental house a few days later, had our stuff delivered on the van line, set up utilities and started to unpack.  As soon as we are well again, unpacking will resume!  But, yep, we are officially living in Austin now.

Today we have another blogger sharing a “hidden space” in her home.  It’s a space that is hidden from her blog and that isn’t quite as fabulous as her other spaces, which are very fabulous.  Take it away, Carissa!

Hello Hyphen Interiors readers!  I’m Carissa from The Fabulous Design File, and I’m so excited to be guest posting here today.  I’ve been a fan of Kristy’s ever since the famous painted chair!

I think that ‘the hidden’ is such a fun topic.  I love seeing beautiful rooms that have been carefully zhushed up and staged… but it’s kind of fun seeing the real deal… the rooms that aren’t blog-worthy, but we all know they are there, right?

The room that I have strategically hidden from my blog is my kitchen.  I have big plans for this room, but haven’t had the energy to tackle it yet.  It’s one of the few rooms left in our home that is still sporting the original ‘oak package’.  Everything else has been painted out white.  The kitchen is attached to our family room, where we spend almost all of our time, so it’s high on the priority list for the new year.

So… here it is!  This is the view when you enter the room from the foyer:

This is the view from the family room:

Just for a frame of reference, here’s what you see when you turn the other way:

Want to see an action shot?

One of the good parts is our huge chalk-board wall:

… and speaking of ‘the hidden’… check this out (I can totally hide my microwave…ugh):

So, there you have it!  It’s oaky and out-dated, and it’s usually very messy.  I can’t wait to freshen it up with some white paint and tile, and hopefully some new lighting while I’m at it.

Thanks for inviting me over to your blog, Kristy!  I hope the move went smoothly!  Can’t wait to see your new place (when you find one!).

Thanks so much for sharing, Carissa!  I love seeing these rooms that aren’t blog worthy!  I see the great potential, though, for sure!

Do you have a hidden space in your home?  Have you enjoyed seeing the spaces that these decorators intentionally hide?

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter yesterday’s ring giveaway!

Giveaway from Blue Soul Designs

It’s time for another giveaway!  Today, I have a personal friend (Sarah) giving away a ring from her new Etsy shop!

She has had a difficult time with her health in the past few years.  Turns out, Sarah’s ailments were due to mold in her home.  So, she, her husband and their four children gave up their home and all of their belongings and moved out and into a rental house.  She is doing a little better in some ways, but the treatment is rough and detoxing takes around 3 years.  So, it’s a long journey.  As it stands, she may have to leave Alabama and relocate to a drier climate like Phoenix.

Most days are a struggle for her as she cares for her children and does her best to fulfill her roles in life.  Medical bills are astronomical as most doctors who treat mold patients do not take insurance.  Therefore, to help cover costs, she began making rings and opened an Etsy shop called Blue Soul Designs.

I’ve purchased a few rings from her myself and they are inexpensive and beautiful!

image  image

This giveaway is for one ring of your choice!


1. You don’t even have to be a follower of this blog!  But, I’d really love it if you do choose to follow.

2. Simply visit Blue Soul Designs and come back and leave a comment on this post letting me know which ring is your favorite.  That’s it!

3. Extra entry if you also tweet about it, blog about it or share it on Facebook.   Simply add a separate comment telling where you shared it (provide a link) for each one.

4.  Become a new follower of this blog for an extra entry.  Just leave a separate comment for this as well.

This giveaway ends Thursday, January 5th at 5pm CST. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Friday, January 6th.

Check out some of their products below. But, be sure to go to the site because there is a lot more!

image image

Take note, she makes all sizes, even children’s rings.

image  image

She is also offering free shipping for orders placed before January 15th, 2012.  Just enter the code FREESHIP when you check out.

If you like her rings, send some encouragement to her!

Good luck on the giveaway!


Two More Painted Chair Successes and Tips!

Here is a painted chair from a reader.  (She doesn’t have a blog.)

Green Chair.001

She already owned this IKEA chair, but said it needed a facelift as the cream color wasn’t looking so fresh anymore.  So, she used leftover latex paint.  Bought textile Medium with a 50% off coupon and had a new looking chair for $2.50!

Ready for a second painted chair success?

“A Pinterest Addict” blogger painted a floral chair.  If you’re considering painting a chair, you’ll want to hear her tips!

Here is the before.


And the after.


But, check it out after two coats of latex paint.


It wasn’t looking the best.  What’d she do?  She switched to acrylic.  It had much more pigment.  Great tip!

She said it was a little scratchy.  What was her solution?  Not sanding since that can leave it looking worn.  It was to scrub it with fabric softener!

She wrote:

After four coats of paint, I thought the seats were way too scratchy. When I had tried to sand them down, the process left them looking very worn and gray, but much smoother. I was not going for a worn look, so I had to figure something else out. So, I poured some fabric softener in a bowl and dipped the scrub brush in it and scrubbed down the chairs. It worked! And as a bonus, the chairs smell heavenly. Love that Mrs. Meyers line of cleaners – they smell AMAZING!!

*Update 1/7/13:  Another reader said they tried the fabric softener and it made the chair sticky for weeks, maybe forever… so just a heads up.*

And, here is how the chair looks today.  She threw a throw blanket over the middle part to make it all the more comfy.


Looking great!   What a transformation.  Thank you for the tips!  Visit her blog to read more!

Have you taken the risk of painting a chair or sofa?


Reader Painted Two Wingback Chairs!

Bethany at Winkler Avenue painted not one but two wingback chairs using my tutorial.


Here they are before.  A nice textured cranberry fabric.


Amazing difference, huh?


She didn’t use latex, just acrylic paint, and did two layers.  She wrote a very thorough post on how it went.  So, be sure to check out her blog for all the nitty gritty details!

She may one day reupholster them, but for now, this was a nice $40 fix.  So, for the time being, it saved her $1200+.


What do you think?

I also stumbled across a fantastic article about painting upholstery written by Melissa Steele.  If you like doing a little extra research before embarking on a scary project, check it out.

In the article, she mentions Jacquard textile paint.  I have not used it, but would be curious if anyone has… is it any softer than our “painted canvas” feel that we get with this technique?


It appears they have a decent selection of colors, unlike the upholstery spray paints.  And, a number of art supply stores carry Jacquard products.  However, it’s more pricey than latex or acrylic that I recommend.


Here is a chair that Melissa painted with it.

image  image  image

Have you painted a chair?  I’d love to see your chair projects!  Just email me from my contact page.


Hidden Spaces – Tia from One Simple Place

Off and on this month, bloggers are sharing that one room in their house that they do not put on home tours or share on their blogs.   Maybe it doesn’t photograph well, maybe there have only been close up views because it’s not finished, maybe it’s just a room that is virtually untouched so far.

Today, we have Tia from One Simple Place sharing her hidden room with us!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Tia from One Simple Place and I am so excited to be a guest here at Hyphen Interiors. Kristy has been so kind to me ( I am a fairly new blogger ) and I wanted to jump at the chance to help while she’s moving …

My Husband and I have lived in our home for one year now, whoo! We have been concentrating so much on the living/dining area that I just haven’t really concentrated on our “hidden room” our bedroom. I know, right? When people come over, they don’t even get a peak at our love shack, ha!

I have shared before on my blog what I love in a bedroom…I don’t love ours

It’s a great size, we just need some help!

My Mother in Law bought this bed as a gift for us, so we really want to keep it .. please don’t laugh at our horrible comforter =D

Yes, that is a lamp on top of our empty vacuum box.. seriously. { since then we have bought some new lamps and side tables, but believe me it doesn’t look that different }

That dresser has been with my hubby since high school, it’s time to go, don’t you think?? There’s also a view of our closet which again, is a pretty decent size but with the boxes that are currently hiding in it, makes it far from glam.

And the last awesome shot is of our bare window. Right now we have ugly gray curtains up…really ugly

So there you have it! Our Nothing of a bedroom and the space no one get’s to see, unless you’re our chocolate Lab =D

Thank you Kristy for letting me share our space and I feel better now that our secret is out!

Thank  you for sharing!  Not too bad!  I can relate to boxes acting as tables.  I’ve done that multiple times!  Do you have a hidden room in your house?

Be sure to visit Tia’s blog to see some of her finished work!


Christmas Décor – Carol from The Design Pages

Today, Carol is going to share with us what her perfect Christmas party would look like!  Enjoy.  I hope all of your holiday celebrations are going well this year!


Hi everyone,  I”m Carol from The Design Pages and I’m so happy to be here today sharing my thoughts on Christmas while Kristy gets her new life in Austin in order.

Christmas is my very favourite time of year.  Our family loves to host parties at any time of year but we like to ramp it up during the holidays.  My good intentions to put on a stunningly beautiful, magazine worthy party rarely come to fruition but if people leave with full bellies and smiles then it was a good night.  Here’s a peek at what my perfect party would include.

Of course, my house would look like this –


A beautiful and festive front porch to set the tone -

A colourful entrance –


A perfectly set table –


Little touches of Christmas everywhere –



Then we’d get to the good stuff –



Well I guess I’ll have to get working if this is what I’m hoping to accomplish this year:)  Thanks for indulging me everyone!  To see more of what I’ve created throughout the holiday season drop by and visit me at my blog.  Thanks for having me over today Kristy.

Thanks, Carol!  Sounds like it will be a beautiful party!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!


Gift Ideas – Kimberly from Third Floor Design Studio

Today, Kimberly has some last minute gift ideas for him!

Hi everyone! Kimberly here from Third Floor Design Studio. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like guys are the hardest to buy for over the holidays! So here’s a last minute Gift Guide for Him — once again approved by the husband! Happy Holidays!

1. Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses $119,  2. Photojojo Telephoto Phone Lenses $20-65,  3. J.Crew Messenger Bag $98,  4. Johnny Cupcakes Venkman Shirt $70,  5. Need Supply Co. Desert Boot $130, 6. UGG Fingerless Gloves $40 ,  7. KOR Hydration Vessel $25

Thanks, Kimberly!


Christmas Traditions – Kim from Keller Creative

What a fun post today.  Kim is going to share some of her family’s Christmas traditions.

And, check out her header graphic.  So cute!  She changes it out often as she also does graphic design.


Hi everyone, I’m Kim from Keller-Creative! Thanks so much to Kristy for having me over at her blog today.

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for holiday traditions. I love that each family has their own and that it’s never to late to start a new one. Here are some of our family traditions:

1. Clam Chowder:

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we have had Clam Chowder. When my mom was little, her mom would serve Oyster Stew but since my mom never liked Oyster Stew when it came time for her to start making the Christmas Eve meal it changed to Clam Chowder. Most years we serve it with a cold cut sandwich but the past couple of years we’ve changed it up and made pizzas instead. This year we plan on serving it in bread bowls and having a salad.

2.  Our Christmas Eve Present

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

On Christmas Eve, after we’ve had our clam chowder, we always get to open one present. It’s usually something small and my mom is in charge of deciding what we get to open.

3. Pajamas

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

No matter what, a pair of pajamas is always under the tree for each of us on Christmas morning. Sometimes we need them, sometimes we don’t but all the kids know we will be getting some new sleeping gear.

4. Ornament

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Up until I got married, each year I would pick out a new ornament that was my ornament. We would put the year on the back so I could keep track of all the ones I had collected. Sometimes it reflected what I was into that year (like penguins), or where I was in my life (like my NC State ornament). But, I always put one special ornament on the tree. When I met my husband we evolved this tradition to be a picture ornament for each year. We put a picture of something from that year of the two of us, like a trip or big event (buying our house, getting married). One day, when we will have kids the ornaments will become a great way to see  how our family has grown older and bigger. One year I hope to have a mini Christmas tree that is just devoted to these family pictures and call it our family tree (it would look a little bare now).

Thanks Kristy for letting me get a little sentimental and sharing my favorite holiday traditions with all you. I’d love to know some of you favorite holiday pastimes so stop by Keller-Creative and let me know what you and your family do! =

What neat traditions, Kim.  Thanks for sharing! Check out her blog.

What are your Christmas traditions?