Two More Painted Chair Successes and Tips!

Here is a painted chair from a reader.  (She doesn’t have a blog.)

Green Chair.001

She already owned this IKEA chair, but said it needed a facelift as the cream color wasn’t looking so fresh anymore.  So, she used leftover latex paint.  Bought textile Medium with a 50% off coupon and had a new looking chair for $2.50!

Ready for a second painted chair success?

“A Pinterest Addict” blogger painted a floral chair.  If you’re considering painting a chair, you’ll want to hear her tips!

Here is the before.


And the after.


But, check it out after two coats of latex paint.


It wasn’t looking the best.  What’d she do?  She switched to acrylic.  It had much more pigment.  Great tip!

She said it was a little scratchy.  What was her solution?  Not sanding since that can leave it looking worn.  It was to scrub it with fabric softener!

She wrote:

After four coats of paint, I thought the seats were way too scratchy. When I had tried to sand them down, the process left them looking very worn and gray, but much smoother. I was not going for a worn look, so I had to figure something else out. So, I poured some fabric softener in a bowl and dipped the scrub brush in it and scrubbed down the chairs. It worked! And as a bonus, the chairs smell heavenly. Love that Mrs. Meyers line of cleaners – they smell AMAZING!!

*Update 1/7/13:  Another reader said they tried the fabric softener and it made the chair sticky for weeks, maybe forever… so just a heads up.*

And, here is how the chair looks today.  She threw a throw blanket over the middle part to make it all the more comfy.


Looking great!   What a transformation.  Thank you for the tips!  Visit her blog to read more!

Have you taken the risk of painting a chair or sofa?



  1. Thanks for sharing my chairs!

  2. I used acryed (sorry mispell) spray paint from walmart and then used fabric softer,,looks great, sorry no picture, but love this idea, I did four dinning room chairs that I got for $2.00 each…love the look

  3. Have you tried fabric dye instead of paint? I used it & applied it with a brush as you did here & it turned out great!! It has been a while back, I have no pics.

  4. Wanted to dissuade folks from the fabric softener! I’m working on an ottoman that had a lot of pattern that is still showing through after 2 coats of latex (going to do the final coat of acrylic next) and decided to follow the person’s advice above and scrub the ottoman with fabric softener instead of sanding. It has been drying for over 24 hours and is still incredibly sticky and beyond potent smelling. I’m not sure what I’m going to try to get some of it off with before I do the acrylic coat, but I feel like I need to do something so that the acrylic paint will stick!

    • Thank you so much for this comment. This is great to know! So sanding is better than fabric softener. Good advice. Eek, I’m not sure how to get that off other than water… Hope it works out for you! Thanks again.

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