Christmas Décor – Lisa from A Vintage Vine

Today, Lisa from A Vintage Vine is back! 


Good Morning readers of Hyphen Interiors, I am Lisa from, A Vintage Vine. I am so excited to be back guest posting for Kristy….How are your  Holiday plans coming along? Are you feeling the crunch…I am! My tree is up and all the decorating is done, now it is time to change my focus to the shopping, wrapping and cooking! YIKES, there is still a lot left to do!

This morning I thought I would share one of my antique store finds that became a simple Christmas decorating  idea……..How do you guys feel about these? Yes, they are antlers…Are you a fan or not? Personally, I have come to really like the look of antlers in decor…..I found these on a back shelf at an antique store here in town for only $6, so I thought I would scoop them up.

As you know, "Antlers" are everywhere……Here is one of my favorite images of antlers being used in decor……….via pinterest…. WHOA, those are big….From the hockey stick to the black chest, I love this look!

Pinned Image

While my new find is not that big……I am still enjoying the look it gives to this Christmas center piece on my table….Antlers, nuts, pine cones and shells….a great collection of Mother Nature at her finest!!

So what are your thoughts? Are you an "antlers" kind of person or not?

Have a wonderful Christmas and all my best to Kristy on her move and settling in to her new home…..Thanks again Kristy, for having me over to guest post!

Lisa, I am!  I love antlers.  What about the rest of you? 



  1. Lisa, I like it mixed in with the other outdoorsy elements…..definitely a conversation piece!

  2. i always love the look of antlers, but i also love the look of sweet deer, so i have to admit they kind of give me the willies.

  3. How fun! I too love the look, but haven’t bought any because whenever I come across them they are outrageous. But, for $6.00 I totally would have snagged those up too!

  4. Kristy thanks for having me guest post! Have a wonderful Holiday!

  5. I’m not really an antlers on the wall type of person, but I do love the way they look in tabletop vignettes. We have deer in our woods, and I’ve sent the boys out looking for spent antlers. Love how yours look with the other natural elements! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m not a big fan of antlers either, however, I do like your image from Pinterest. I don’t think the look would flow with my home decor. You got yours for a steal, great find!

  7. I love Lisa’s house and of course they look fabulous! Not sure I can do antlers on the wall but do love them mixed in like they are. Hope your move is going well Kristy!

  8. I love the way they are displayed in the bowl with other rustic Christmas things. I am still on the fence about the antlers. Can’t decide. I guess maybe because they are so prevalent, I tend to be the one who refuses to join, even if I really like it! I know, stubborn trait that I have. I thought I was unique until I met Lisa, who I think was born with almost all the same decorating tastes as me! Maybe I do like Antlers after all!

  9. Kristy, Lisa shared with me that you’re on the move to my neck of the woods, Austin! Good luck with the move! We should keep in touch.

  10. Yes I love them – I think they add heaps of character to a room!
    I just stumbled across your blog & so glad I did. I have signed up as your latest follower. I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration!

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