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What a fun post today.  Kim is going to share some of her family’s Christmas traditions.

And, check out her header graphic.  So cute!  She changes it out often as she also does graphic design.


Hi everyone, I’m Kim from Keller-Creative! Thanks so much to Kristy for having me over at her blog today.

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for holiday traditions. I love that each family has their own and that it’s never to late to start a new one. Here are some of our family traditions:

1. Clam Chowder:

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we have had Clam Chowder. When my mom was little, her mom would serve Oyster Stew but since my mom never liked Oyster Stew when it came time for her to start making the Christmas Eve meal it changed to Clam Chowder. Most years we serve it with a cold cut sandwich but the past couple of years we’ve changed it up and made pizzas instead. This year we plan on serving it in bread bowls and having a salad.

2.  Our Christmas Eve Present

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

On Christmas Eve, after we’ve had our clam chowder, we always get to open one present. It’s usually something small and my mom is in charge of deciding what we get to open.

3. Pajamas

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

No matter what, a pair of pajamas is always under the tree for each of us on Christmas morning. Sometimes we need them, sometimes we don’t but all the kids know we will be getting some new sleeping gear.

4. Ornament

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Up until I got married, each year I would pick out a new ornament that was my ornament. We would put the year on the back so I could keep track of all the ones I had collected. Sometimes it reflected what I was into that year (like penguins), or where I was in my life (like my NC State ornament). But, I always put one special ornament on the tree. When I met my husband we evolved this tradition to be a picture ornament for each year. We put a picture of something from that year of the two of us, like a trip or big event (buying our house, getting married). One day, when we will have kids the ornaments will become a great way to see  how our family has grown older and bigger. One year I hope to have a mini Christmas tree that is just devoted to these family pictures and call it our family tree (it would look a little bare now).

Thanks Kristy for letting me get a little sentimental and sharing my favorite holiday traditions with all you. I’d love to know some of you favorite holiday pastimes so stop by Keller-Creative and let me know what you and your family do! =

What neat traditions, Kim.  Thanks for sharing! Check out her blog.

What are your Christmas traditions?



  1. i love kim! and we do pajamas for our kids- matching! muah ha!!!! so we can torture them later in life with embarrassing photos. :)
    and yum i love clam chowder!

  2. Thanks for having me!

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