Gift Ideas – Kimberly from Third Floor Design Studio

Today, Kimberly has some last minute gift ideas for him!

Hi everyone! Kimberly here from Third Floor Design Studio. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like guys are the hardest to buy for over the holidays! So here’s a last minute Gift Guide for Him — once again approved by the husband! Happy Holidays!

1. Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses $119,  2. Photojojo Telephoto Phone Lenses $20-65,  3. J.Crew Messenger Bag $98,  4. Johnny Cupcakes Venkman Shirt $70,  5. Need Supply Co. Desert Boot $130, 6. UGG Fingerless Gloves $40 ,  7. KOR Hydration Vessel $25

Thanks, Kimberly!


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