Hidden Spaces – Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home

I love it when we get to sneak in and see spaces in a home that aren’t always seen.  Today Mary Ann is sharing a part of her home that isn’t typically seen.


It is so great to be visiting you all at Hyphen Interiors! 

Kristy asked me to show you:  "The Hidden.  A room  in your house you don’t show because it’s not decorated or something you hide… this is just to show that no house is perfect." 

I have posted our renovated laundry room HERE before…

But not about the fact that…

You have to go through our junky 1950′s garage to get to it…

See where Howard’s barracuda ended up below?

Wait.  It gets worse…

How do you like his wine stash?  Just don’t drink from the top shelf…long story. 

I’d like built in cabinets and a garage floor surface but, hey!

I’m kind of proud we can fit two cars in here.

And when I am folding clothes in the laundry room, I daydream that…

Thanks so much, Kristy for making me show how "normal?"we are!

Thanks for letting us peek inside!   Be sure to check her blog out! 

Do you have hidden spaces in your home?



  1. Proof the laundry rooms can be pretty!

  2. Gorgeous laundry room! And, if it makes you feel any better, when I saw your garage I thought to myself it was so clean and organized :D Gives you an idea of the junkyard that is our garage!

  3. Good morning, Kristy! Thanks for having me over. Are you going to have a craft room in your new home? My house is a mess right now with crafts on the kitchen counter and wrapping paper supplies all over the dining room. Take care.
    Mary Ann

    • I hope so! Not sure yet. Why? Because I don’t know where I’ll end up! We’re starting out in a rental house where I’ll have more of an office than a true craft room. We’ll just be unpacking about 2/3 of our stuff. We’ll stay here until we find the right home to buy. I’m so picky!

  4. Mary Ann is so real…love that! I adore her laundry room and if you can park two cars in the garage….that is a spotless garage in my opinion!

  5. Hi Kristy, I LOVE this series – how fun! Mary Ann’s house is gorgeous and I wouldn’t have expected anything too terrible … but fun that she was willing to show the “imperfect”. Your craft room is fantastic!

  6. Well, Mary Ann, I don’t see a mess. I think we would all be happy to have a room like this!
    Thank you for sharing. You laundry room looks great too.

  7. Hi Kristy,
    I’m so happy to have found your blog. Mary Ann is a lovely and gracious lady and such a talented designer. Her post is charming, and so reflective of her authenticity and delightful humor.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Wendi ~

  8. You call that bad??? Oh, honey, our garage is a disaster zone. We hope to clean it and a storage room up soon! Got to stay on hubby’s back till he snaps!

  9. Mary Ann your garage is pretty darn goodl! You keep that thing organized…Your garage is my goal, now I just need to figure our how to get to your normal! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ve seen a lot worse, so don’t feel bad. Your laundry room is so perfect and tidy.



  11. Only slightly imperfect and to walk in to the beautiful laundry room makes it perfect!!

  12. You see a mess and I see a bright, white crisp clean pretty tidy well organized laundry room……I think its wondeful and a trip to Paris is only a sign away!

  13. OK, Mary Ann!
    If you are having to show us your garage as a “hidden” room, you are WAAAY ahead of me in the decorating process. :) Your laundry room IS fantastic (especially those baskets) and I kind of like the barracuda in the garage! I loved the post and this cute idea for a guest post! M.

  14. Everything Mary Ann touches is beautiful, understated and elegant. I’d be more than happy to walk through the garage to get to that laundry room.

  15. I agree with Mandi, Mary Ann! You’re way ahead of me, if you have to resort to showing us the garage! Lucky you! I’d probably show the room my son moved out of, still awaiting a make-over!

  16. nevermind the garage…how about that wine fridge! I want the story on the top shelf!! ;)

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