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Off and on this month, bloggers are sharing that one room in their house that they do not put on home tours or share on their blogs.   Maybe it doesn’t photograph well, maybe there have only been close up views because it’s not finished, maybe it’s just a room that is virtually untouched so far.

Today, we have Tia from One Simple Place sharing her hidden room with us!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Tia from One Simple Place and I am so excited to be a guest here at Hyphen Interiors. Kristy has been so kind to me ( I am a fairly new blogger ) and I wanted to jump at the chance to help while she’s moving …

My Husband and I have lived in our home for one year now, whoo! We have been concentrating so much on the living/dining area that I just haven’t really concentrated on our “hidden room” our bedroom. I know, right? When people come over, they don’t even get a peak at our love shack, ha!

I have shared before on my blog what I love in a bedroom…I don’t love ours

It’s a great size, we just need some help!

My Mother in Law bought this bed as a gift for us, so we really want to keep it .. please don’t laugh at our horrible comforter =D

Yes, that is a lamp on top of our empty vacuum box.. seriously. { since then we have bought some new lamps and side tables, but believe me it doesn’t look that different }

That dresser has been with my hubby since high school, it’s time to go, don’t you think?? There’s also a view of our closet which again, is a pretty decent size but with the boxes that are currently hiding in it, makes it far from glam.

And the last awesome shot is of our bare window. Right now we have ugly gray curtains up…really ugly

So there you have it! Our Nothing of a bedroom and the space no one get’s to see, unless you’re our chocolate Lab =D

Thank you Kristy for letting me share our space and I feel better now that our secret is out!

Thank  you for sharing!  Not too bad!  I can relate to boxes acting as tables.  I’ve done that multiple times!  Do you have a hidden room in your house?

Be sure to visit Tia’s blog to see some of her finished work!


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  1. Yay! Thanks Kristy!

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