House Project – Jacqueline from Simple Home Life

Today Jacqueline will share with us how she has redone her kitchen.


Hello Hyphen Interiors readers! I’m Jacqueline and I write a blog called Simple Home Life. I’m very excited to be guest posting for Hyphen Interiors today. I’m going to share with you today about my kitchen, its been a long process and tons of changes and its still not complete but its come a long way.

First I want to tell you a little bit about me, I’m a stay at home mom and take care of my son and three stepsons full time, I run my own Etsy shop selling painted knobs, clay knobs, tags and renovated decor, I also paint furniture in my workshop for clients, to sell and for myself. I’m into arts, I’m creative, I sew, I bake and I’m also very into my blog.

On to my kitchen

I know the first thing you can see is my pink tile counter-top, I’ve learn to live with it and someday it will be replaced.  This kitchen was built on a budget and its not an easy task to replace the counter-top or even the cabinets.

I painted the cabinets all by myself, it took me a few weeks to complete them but I enjoy going into the kitchen now everyday. I changed all the hinges, the knobs and pulls.

I also love having all my "clutter" on the counter-top, I know its a big no no I've heard but with limited space its great to be able to grab what I need at reach. My magnetic knife rack is my favorite and my glass jars I painted chalkboard labels on.

The craziest thing people ever ask me is "did you paint your fridge in chalkboard paint?" All my friends and family love it, it looks much better then the almond color it is. Plus I love writing out my to do list and ideas out while I'm cooking.

I made this no sew fabric roman shade using a those cheap plastic mini blinds, fabric glue and discount fabric. Its the easiest project I've done and I enjoy making them. There easy to change out for a new look.

We never had pendant lights in the kitchen and to hardwired would be a lot of work so I bought a recessed can pendant adapter and on clearance shade and it took about 1 minute to put it in. 

Here is a awful photo of what the kitchen looked like about four years ago when I moved in, let me warn you this is the only photo i could find and the kitchen is a mess.

I completely gave our kitchen a new look with freshly painted walls in Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore, creamy white cabinets and updated island. Everything I did was on a budget.

Breakfast Nook

This area is the one place we hang out the most. I'm always changing this room around. I had black chairs but then I got these ones for free and redid them in white and kept the wood seat untouched. The corner hutch was given to me by my mom and I painted it and distressed it heavily. I replaced the light with a industrial one and put up simple white curtains to add warmth to the space. I still have a photo I'm moving to the bare wall I just haven't got to it yet.

This is what the space looked like last year.

And about four years ago.

Most of the decorations and all the furniture was here when I moved in. 

My Island

My next favorite place to be is at my island, I use it everyday for cooking, crafting, reading and using my laptop. My guy built the top for it. Before it had a plywood top and it didn't overhang. He completely custom built the top used the router on the edges and stain the top.

We had the corners cut to make it easier to walk by. I painted the base in a sage and I added black hardware. I'm have new plans for this island to update it this winter with bead-board and a different color.

If you want to read my previous post or take look at my blog I'd love for you to come visit Simple Home Life. I hope you enjoyed my kitchen updates, there will be more to come as I'm always changing things. Thanks for taking the time to read my guest post! Thank you to Kristy for giving me this opportunity!

Thanks for sharing!  What progress!


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  1. jacqueline has done an amazing job in her kitchen! she is so talented!

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