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Welcome sweet Cassie from Primitive and Proper today!  I’m excited to share her and her blog with you.  She just moved recently herself and is working on decorating her new home.   Enjoy seeing what she has been up to!


Hello Hyphen Interiors readers!  I am Cassie from Primitive & Proper! I am so excited to be back here at Kristy’s blog while she is busy moving! And if anyone knows how chaotic moving can be, it’s me.  My family (consisting of myself, my husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs,) just moved into a new to us home in October.  It’s only been two months, so just a few rooms are close to being done, but I thought it would be fun to compare the dining room of our last home to the new dining room.

Our last home was a split foyer, which is my least favorite home style.  I don’t like the awkward foyer at all, and the railing that the upstairs has to have.  The actual dining room of our old home was smallish and had doorways to other rooms on 3 of its 4 sides, so it made for an awkward table placement.  Because of that, I swapped it out with the living room and used that as our dining room, which worked so much better for us.

Here is our old dining room….

Because  of the openness to the foyer, the walls were a very light greige.  Here you can see where it overlooks the entry…

Our new home is a cape cod up on a hill with gorgeous views.  The dining room is large and I want to keep it feeling open.  Here it is before I worked on it…

I painted painted painted, and ditched my china cabinets, and am on the hunt for the right sideboard.  For now I have borrowed a green one from my shop. :) 

The new dining room was one of the first rooms I worked on once I became inspired to do it.  Right now it is decorated for Christmas, so you will have to come back and see it on a normal day, and maybe when I finally find the right sideboard!  Here it is….



And just so you can get an idea of the openness and window placement in the room, here is a picture from before it was Christmas’ed up!

Thank you so much for having me here to share today, Kristy!  Hope the moving is going smoothly and as stress-less as possible! :)  Come on over to my blog to see me!

Cassie, I love those stripes, the chairs, that green sideboard… Good work!



  1. I super heart love Cassie! Her style is so pretty and I adore that table and chairs! The stripes look amazing with the green sideboard too!

  2. Love Cassie and love that dining room! That green sideboard is so fun with the gray stripes! Thanks for sharing Cassie today. :)

  3. thanks, girls! and thank you so much, kristy, for having me here today! hope the move is going well! :)

  4. Love the stripes and love that pop of green. Oh yeah, and those chairs! Love it all!

  5. You just have to love the eclectic mix and the great open French windows!
    Lookin’ good, Cassie!

  6. Cassie seriously has the BEST style! Her house is really coming together beautifully!

  7. I love the new dining room. You did a fabulous job :)

  8. Cassie amazes me with how much she has done already in just 2 months! She is doing a beautiful job with her home. I admire her great taste and great energy! Hope your move is going smoothly Kristy. How exciting to have a new home for Christmas!

  9. love the horizontal stripes! how frustrating were they to get done???

    • hi amy! they were actually not that hard at all- i just measured and made little guide dots with a pencil and then put my tape up following my dots…. it really wasn’t bad! it took time and patience, but it was pretty easy as far as the rest goes!

  10. Cassie every time I see your dining room I like it more and more! Great job on it….Hope all is well for you Kristy!

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