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Today we will see how Jenna’s style has changed over the years!  Get ready because it’s quite the evolution!


Hello Hyphen readers! I’m Jenna from Homeslice and I’m happy (and slightly embarrassed… you’ll see why!) to be here. Today I’m going to dig out some pictures that really shouldn’t have ever made it into the blog world, and yet here they are! I hope you’ll laugh right along with me.

This place actually holds a little sweet spot for me (don’t all the places we live?!) because it was the first place my hubby, Hyrum, and I rented after getting married. We were still in college and it was TEENY TINY! Every room had different carpet, everything from 70′s shag to commercial office. The kitchen had pink metal cabinets, green counter tops, and a matching pink sink! The bedroom fit our king size bed, and nothing, and I really mean nothing, else. Anyway, I’m going to share the living room of this little wonder!

I know, right? Let me explain. When we lived here we were literally just married. We had nothing! Our families took pity on us and gave us a lot of furniture, everything else was either a wedding gift, college apartment leftover, or project-gone-bad. The result was obviously a complete mishmash.

Besides that, the biggest problem was that it was just SO DARK! It took a lot of self-discipline not to get out the white paint and tackle that paneling (the landlord wasn’t so keen on the idea!) Our couches were also dark, and nothing else was bright enough to  balance things out.

The other problems? Clutter. Obviously it’s everywhere. I cringe when I look at all the knickknacks! I was feeling like we had to use every gift given to us.. nice, but not a good way to design a house. My opinion is, if you don’t like it and it doesn’t represent who you are, then don’t display it. Obviously this has been a learned lesson!

And last, but not least. Talk about “The Big Black Hole”!! We got this tv for free… that’s really all I can say about it.

Ok. Let’s move on to our living room now:

Why this works for me now:  Hellooo white! I needed a place that would be light, airy, and fresh! I wanted color- but just a touch. The room is chock full of things that have real meaning to us (not just guilt gifts!) and the art is more than framed engagement and wedding pictures (did you catch that!?).

We use this room every day thanks to the big long built in desk we DIY’d, and there is still plenty of space for our 2-year-old son, Will to play. There are a few things out, but for the most part, we’ve nixed the clutter (thank goodness) and moved on to a fun, simple style!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me! It may sound cliche, but I feel like the biggest “decorating rule” I’ve learned is to decorate slowly, and only purchase and keep things that really speak to you. Stick with that, and you’ll love your home.

Thanks for having me Kristy, this has been a blast! To see more of my home, or learn about some of the projects in this room, come hang out at Homeslice.

Thanks so much for sharing!  That was a lot of fun.  Loving the more recent airy style.



  1. Wow! Quite the transformation! Love how bright the space is now and paired with wood tones, perfect!

  2. Great style! Love how you shelves are styled and your gallery wall! And, the windows…beautiful!

  3. what a difference! it looks amazing!!!! i love that room- it is very well put together. off to see her blog.

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