Now and Then – Samantha from Black Velvet Chair

I started reading Samantha’s blog early on.  She’s from down under and shares my last name!   I’m so excited that she is going to share a bit of how her design style has evolved over the years with us today!


Kristy thank you so much for thinking of me to help Blog sit whilst you prepare for your move, I would like to start by wishing you and your husband the best of luck in the move and with your new endeavours in Austin, I am super excited to see your new home and look forward to reading all about it along the way!

Hello Hyphen Interiors readers my Name is Samantha Swain, and I live in Sydney Australia. My husband and I have lived in our apartment for 7 years now. When we first bought our house we were very young and in our last year of university, I had minimal interest in interior design or decoration at the time, and we had a brand new apartment with absolutely no furniture.

The kitchen has a slight lilac tone to it (not my choice!). I decided to take the lilac tone and Run all the way! I ran to the rug store for a purple rug and to the drapery store for some purple and lilac curtains, Oh my gosh what was I thinking. I even purchased purple coasters, tablecloth, water jug and glassware.

We however did invest in some quite good pieces of furniture, My husband chose the solid dark wood table that extends into a square 8 seater. The dining room has served us well over the years however when the pipe from the dishwasher broke last year and flooded the whole dining room it was time to renovate!. We ripped up the wet and soggy carpet and decided to lay floating laminate timber flooring ourselves, it was very easy to do!

I purchased a new mirror and some new dining room chairs, the purple curtains were replaced with some bright white full length and width sheers, I realised using drapery over the full expanse of this wall makes the window appear bigger in this otherwise small room (think hotel rooms). Almost Everything on the sideboard has been collected whilst thrifting, I scour local thrift stores whenever I can, “One mans Trash”.

And just in case you think we live unrealistically clutter free all of the time here is a dose of our reality! The dining room doubles as a bike garage/ Laundromat.

Samantha, that dining room is awesome!  I love how light and airy it is!  Beautiful.  Well done.  Check out her blog.



  1. So Jealous! I love those chairs. This is your second guest in a row with Eames eiffel chairs~looooove them!

    Is this a secret theme to this week’s guest posting? ; )

    hope this are going smoothly, Kristy!

    • Haha, I was just thinking about how it is making me crave those chairs! :) Maybe it’s a sign and once we find the right home to buy, I’ll need some of my own.

  2. I can’t even believe it’s the same space. It looks gorgeous!

  3. oh my gosh i have the chairs like that with the wooden base- see kristy’s post from yesterday!!
    love the NOW! love love it! and i love that it still has just some small hints of purple. :)

  4. What a stunning dining room! That sideboard is insanely gorgeous.

  5. Hello and Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by my “place” today! Love your blog header. So fresh!

  6. I love the changes she has made and checking out a great new blog! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. WOW, what a difference! Love the chairs and the floors are amazing, her blog is new to me…Can’t wait to check it out!

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