We’re On Our Way to TX! Video of Our House

We JUST moved to Austin.  Okay, we’re driving there right now!   So, not exactly moved yet.  I’m so glad I’ve had guest posters substituting in for me while we walked through the process of moving.

Here is our old house in AZ…  that we are moving from.

I made a video with my phone to show the state of our house yesterday morning.  I got two shots at filming it before the movers arrived, so bear with me!

I didn’t get to upload the upstairs video… Sorry!

So far, things have gone relatively well, but with a few minor hiccups.  For instance, we changed our phone numbers to an Austin area code and gave them out to everyone.  Friends, family, businesses, and so on.  Then, the day they were scheduled to change, we found out that order had gotten cancelled by the Verizon store in the process of me buying a new phone.  So, we had to get new new numbers.  And, that meant calling and changing numbers with everyone AGAIN!

Another little mishap occurred with our Internet hookup.  But, we got it all worked out and are on track.

Our stuff should arrive by van line sometime this week.  The car we had shipped (we drove one, shipped one) will arrive within two weeks.

We will be in temporary housing until our stuff arrives, then we’ll move into a rental house where we will remain until we find that right house to buy.  We are so picky – that could take a while!

Here is the floor plan of the home we are moving out of (the burnt orange areas were optional):



For more inside photos of our house, go to my Tour page.

If you are like me, you may be wondering… with movers and packers how much could there be to do?   And, what do we have to do once we get to Austin?

Well, I’m going to be sharing a checklist that I made for our move tomorrow so you can see!   It’s fairly long.  Plus, I’ve been sick for three weeks of the process!  I finally got antibiotics and I’m doing quite a bit better now.

Though we didn’t pack ourselves, we went through every item in our house to sort it – to use in the rental, to store, to take in the car, for the garage sale, etc.   Not only that, there was so much more to the process!

It’s quite a process to move from one state to another.   Have you done an out of state move?  We’ve done it four times now!  Texas to Kansas to Utah to Arizona and back to Texas.  I know some of you have even moved out of country!

We’ll miss you, Phoenix!



  1. We moved around a lot when we lived in Texas: Houston to Temple to Athens to Tyler and now in OK. I’m in the process of making some plaques with each of the places we have lived on them. Can’t wait to finish them and share on my blog. Each move is a little bitter sweet and I have to admit I usually get a little teary eyed thinking of the memories we made in each home. But, alas, it is only a structure. It is the people inside, the family, who make it a home, right? ;) What a great idea to make a video. Hope the drive is going well and I can’t wait to see the video of your new house in Austin! :)

  2. Oh man, moving, christmas, and being sick! You must be worn out! Can’t wait to see what you do to the new place though :)

  3. best of luck! isn’t it always bittersweet?

  4. Sorry you have been sick while dealing with all of this upheaval. At least your past experiences might make it a little bit easier??? Have a great drive! :-)

  5. I can totally relate Kristy since we have moved a lot including the move here to Europe and soon, back again to the US. If you haven’t been through it seems so straightforward but, as the saying goes: the devil is in the details! Sorry you have been sick, this type of process needs physical and mental energy so glad you are starting to feel better! Best of luck to you and your husband on the transition!

  6. If you don’t mind sharing, what company did you use to ship your car? My husband’s in the military so we move every couple years, usually from coast to coast it seems. I have some idea of how hectic your month’s been. I haven’t heard anyone who’s been happy with the quality of service when they ship a car, so if you like the company you use, I’d love to know. Thanks!

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