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Model Home Tour

As we go out house hunting (for anyone just joining - we sold home and relocated from Phx to Texas in Dec), we end up going into models.  Here is a model by Scott Felder.  Of course, it’s way out of our price range, but beautiful, nonetheless.  I think it’s the most well done model I’ve seen in a while.

The interior designer was from Linfield Design.  Excellent work!

Love the huge daybed porch swing.

untitled shoot-028

Dining Room.

untitled shoot-031


untitled shoot-034


untitled shoot-036

untitled shoot-074

Family Room.

untitled shoot-044

Love this lamp.

untitled shoot-075

Game room.  Awesome ceiling.  I thought they were inventive with the hardy plank siding on the walls!

untitled shoot-038

untitled shoot-047


untitled shoot-055

untitled shoot-049

untitled shoot-063

untitled shoot-065

untitled shoot-068

Outdoor living space.

untitled shoot-059

untitled shoot-061

Wish I could have this house!  Do you enjoy going into model homes?  Do you avoid those that are out of your price range?  If you live in Austin, is there a builder that you recommend?


A Client Design Concept

There are a number of ways to go about designing a room.

The second step to many e-designs for me is to create a conceptual design.   If the client is purchasing a 3d drawing with their package, I create the room in 3d, based on the actual measurements.  Then, once the walls and all are up, I add some basic furniture and play around with general concepts.

Below are two very general concepts that I came up with in the early stages of the design for the client’s master bedroom.



These are just basic concepts showing furniture placement and a basic color palette.  This client already owned a chaise and dresser that she was for sure keeping in the space, she loved blue yet wanted a relaxing sophisticated feel.

She chose design direction two with the wood plank wall.  So, we whittled away at that a bit and added some accessories.  We came up with these three options.


A second choice in concept was this one.


And, one more that is similar to the first, but with slightly more vibrant fabric on the stools.


If a conceptual design is the second step, what’s the first?   The first step would most commonly be information gathering.  I gather all measurements, information on preferences, taste, inspiration photos, inspiration pieces, and so on.   This all comes before the conceptual drawings that you see above.

Once the general concept is completed in 3d and approved, we move towards sourcing similar items to the ones that are pictured.  We work on creating something similar to the concept drawing.  Next, we create a story board with those actual items to be purchased.  The items are also listed on a shopping list for the client.

Once the story board is done, we go back to the 3d view and update it with as many of the actual items/ fabrics as we can.

In future posts I will show you the storyboard and final 3d drawing.

What process do you go through when creating a design?  Do you start with a basic concept to make sure you are moving in the right direction?


If you Follow Via Google Friend Connect

Do you follow my blog via this thingy and read it on a Google reader?

If so, then, please read more!   Because you need to take some action if you still want to follow this blog.

If you have not heard, Google is retiring Google Friend Connect (GFC) from non-Blogger hosted blogs by March.  So, pretty sure that is why the GFC thingy on my right sidebar has been out of commission.  Not only can you not become a new follower that way anymore, but if you already follow that way, you MUST find a new way to follow or you will soon no longer get updates.

Non Blogger blogs (like mine, I use WordPress) that have followers through GFC will lose their Google Friend Connect followers unless their followers chose other means to follow; email subscriptions, feeds, etc.

YUCK.  Really, Google?!

So…  this is a quick note to say that if that is how you follow, please choose another way to follow if you want to keep following.

I recommend that you follow via Facebook, email or any of the other readers.  Ways to subscribe are on my right sidebar.


So, what are your thoughts about Google lately?

If you have any insight into this, I’d love to hear from you!   See reader’s questions below.

I also hear that Picnik is closing in April.  People are pretty mad at Google for that as well.  Is Picasa (also free) kind of the same thing?  I don’t use either.  I use Photoshop, so enlighten me on this!


More Painted Chair Successes

Here are a few more successes from readers who used my painted upholstery tutorial.  The first is from Simply Blissful Photography.

After and then before.


Love the color she used!  Turned out so great!  She reminded me of the tip to put your paint in the fridge in between coats so that it doesn’t dry out.

The next was done in a very similar blue.  It’s from Bungalow.  She did report that the more worn areas of the fabric (the chair is 25 yrs old) didn’t take the paint as well.  So, that is something to remember.  you can notice those areas below.


The third chair is from Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied.


I like how some of the pattern is still showing through and how she did the bronze nail heads.

The last chair is from a reader without a blog, Kristin.


Remember, the after photos are first!  The second photo is the before.

Have you painted a chair?  Would you?

This method is best for seating that isn’t used a lot, but could offer color and style to a room.  The fabric does get stiffer, though it’s not horribly scratchy.  It’s not something to cuddle on at all, but it’s a great solution if you want to save money, yet update a piece of furniture.

Be sure to visit each indidual blog for more information on one of these chairs.


Giveaway Winner!

Really quickly, those of you who read my posts through readers or email will be happy to know that it looks like the full post is now showing up in readers again!  It’s no longer truncated. Yay.  I guess it was just a glitch.  Let’s hope it keeps working.   Let me know if it changes.

About the giveaway…  I put the entries for the Arcadian Lighting giveaway into Excel so that each one was numbered. Then, I went to and after entering the number span, clicked generate.

The winner is the67 th entry which is from Nikki Kelly.

In that entry, Nikki wrote:    I liked you on fb!

As far as the lighting goes, she liked the Adesso Spotlight.  Congrats, Nikki!  She happens to have a blog if you want to check it out!


Sarah’s Hotel Room

Do any of you watch the TV show Chuck?  My husband is a huge fan which means I watch it by default.  I actually like it, too.  But, don’t tell him I said that.

I always notice the décor in Sarah’s old home which is a hotel room.  It’s apparently room 832 at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  I couldn’t find good images of it, but it’s too fun not to share.  So, here are some blurry images!

I love the pops of green, quirkiness, simple palette and touches of glamour.





More images from the Viceroy.  Guess who designed the Viceroy?!  One of my favs.  Kelly Wearstler.

A couple of wedding photos shot there.



And, some general photos of the hotel.








And, breaking the green theme for a moment…


So pretty, huh?!  I love it.   Do you watch Chuck?  Are you sad the show is ending next week?  And, do you love Sarah’s hotel room?

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter the giveaway for the $75 gift certificate to Arcadian Lighting!


Family Room in the Rental

I thought I’d show you a photo of our Austin rental today.

We moved into our rental just a few days before Christmas.  The rental (until we find the right home to buy) is smaller than our last home, as it’s just temporary.  It’s brand new and we are the first to live in it!  Our landlords are awesome!

We’ve unpacked the majority of our stuff (well the stuff that will get unpacked), but have yet to hang curtains.  Here is how it’s looking.  Please pardon the naked windows.

untitled shoot-049

Each time you move to a different home, you will notice that your furniture, art and curtains just don’t quite fit the same way, huh?  I mean, the walls, room shape, dimensions and entire space is different.  We refuse to buy anything new for the (temporary) rental, so we are using what we have and making it work!!

We did the family room almost identical to our family room in Phoenix.  See the Phx family room below.


There is a different coffee table. We are using the bench from the master, as we sold the old ottoman.  And, we changed some of the pillows.  Can you spot which one?

We are also using a white end table instead of the black one.  Overall, though, things fit decently in this room.

untitled shoot-057

And, above, you notice the art from the craft room that we are using.    Below, you get a bit of a glimpse into the kitchen.

untitled shoot-064

The boxes?  Well, there is an entire bedroom and a garage filled with unopened boxes!

We’re getting there.  Gotta get those curtains hung!  It will have a big impact.

I’ll share another room or two as time goes on.  It’s not anything spectacular, but it’s a good temporary place to live in a killer location.


You Can Find Me At…

I’m guest posting over at The Blooming Hydrangea today.  I’m answering questions about myself and my blog, so be sure to hop on over!    Find out how old I am, what I think of New Year’s Resolutions and so on.  Okay, I know, too much about me, but just go because you love me, and you want to see Ange’s awesome blog.


Also be sure to enter the giveaway for a $75 gift card to the fabulous Arcadian Lighting!  It’s easy to enter, so don’t worry.

By the way, Google Friend Connect hasn’t been working for me.  I’m going to investigate once I have some time, but I heard (from Allison at House of Hepworths) that it is supposed to stop working for all blogs that are not Blogger Blogs.  Since I use WordPress, maybe that is what is happening.  I’m not sure yet… but if you try to follow that way, I apologize.  What you can do instead is follow via a reader and choose that reader -  I think!

Also, you may find that when you get feed updates you now have to click for the “full story.”  Sorry about that.  Feedburner won’t work for me anymore unless I do that.  I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a bug.  Every once in a while I will try to put it on the full post again.  I know it’s annoying, but bear with me.

Now, go enter that giveaway and check out my guest post!!  Please.