New Paints To Use On Upholstery!

I like to keep my reader’s up to date on the painted upholstery front.  This is the latest information that I found.  A Pinterest Addict is back with more painting tips.  This time instead of latex or acrylic paint, she used Tulips Fabric Spray Paint that she found at Michael’s.

Here is how it turned out!   Isn’t the color great?!


Here it is before.


She used four bottles of Tulip’s Fabric Spray Paint and could have used a couple more!


She said it’s not crunchy at all, so perhaps this would be a great type of paint to try on upholstery!  If you try it, let me know!

Here is the chair after one bottle of the paint.


And, completed.


Check out her blog for more information.  The only drawback that I found is that there seems to be limited colors available.

There is another paint I just read about on Not Just A Housewife.   DecorArt’s SoSoft fabric paint.


She painted this chair that she bought at ReStore.

image  image

She emphasizes how important it is to water down the paint and really work it into the fabric.  She’s right – if it sits on top, it’s more likely to be crunchy.  She also found that sitting on it helped to soften it and ended up sanding it a bit.  Check out her full explanation of what worked for her here.

Have you painted a chair?  What works for you?   What paint do you prefer?



  1. Ohhh good to know! I’m pinning this for further reference!

  2. Good to know! I’m debating on whether to reupholster or to paint my dining chairs…

  3. I like the idea of spraying since it usually cuts down the work time to a minimal amount of time. The chair is gorgeous!!!

  4. definitely want to try this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Amazing! I didn’t know there was such a thing. That opens up so many possiblities when thrifting! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes! I love this. I have like 3 chairs to try and I might even tackle my couch…Ambitious, I know. Thanks for posting!

  7. thanks for the tutorials, and especially for the additional info at the end! i am in the middle of my process and wondering if you are supposed to wet the fabric in between coats? thanks!

  8. So, I went to Hobby Lobby trying to find this fabric spray paint and didn’t find it. I tried to make a concoction with regular fabric paint and water to paint my chair and I failed….One, the color is horrible and two the patch is hard as a rock. lol! I will be going to Michael’s to pick up the actual spray paint to try another patch. Hopefully it will work better and I’ll have to remember to wet the fabric first.

    Not giving up yet…

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