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A special thank you to Kimmie at Sugar and Dots for featuring two of my rooms in her best of 2011 post! I was so excited to hear about it!!

Now, to my post.  I love getting updated photos from e-design clients as they work on completing their rooms.  The last update I gave was here.

Here is the 3d drawing we put together for the rooms as we explored options.


We landed here.  The furniture is just approximated, but it’s very helpful to get an idea of the finished project so that you know if this is a good direction for you.  Sometimes things can look good on a story board, but not in real life.  After all, they won’t all be crammed together in a square that depicts items not to scale.  The objects on a story board end up spread out and life size when executed and that can make it look much different than you thought.


Straight on view of the entry area.


And for the family room with specific items pasted in to demonstrate how accessories can impact the space.


Then, we tweaked the story boards and came up with these final storyboards for the entry and family room.  Next to each other, you can see how they flow.

entrystoryboardnikki2 image

Here is my client’s progress so far.


Part of the process was giving her a shopping list, but I also let her know which items have freedom within to put her own touch on it or to find a bargain.  For example, with the lamp, the scale is most important, but color can vary and still look good.

Might I remind you of the before image, before we started working on it.  Lots of red and brown.  The long sofa was arranged on the shorter "wall."


I know, cool house, right?!  It’s an old barn turned house.

And, another view of how it looks now.  We lightened and updated the space.


She still needs to add some personal photos for a gallery wall over the fireplace.  Don’t you love the texture of the wicker coffee table?  The scale is much better for the room, as well.

She really didn’t want to repaint the walls just yet.  However, she is still considering adding more color.  Maybe via curtains and eventually repainting the rust colored walls to either a dark taupe or blue.   If she did this, the rooms could one day look roughly like this (a 3d drawing without the details).


What do you think?  Or, it could even roughly look like this.


Back to this plan, though.  What about the entry?  Where is she with it?  Here is where it currently stands.


I LOVE that  white dresser. Those lines are amazing.  She found it on Craigslist.  I’m so jealous.  And, those lamps are amazing as well.

She still has to paint the stripes in the entry.  Add some green.  Create the subway art.  Add the rug.  But, I love how it’s looking so far!

And, from the opposite angle so you can see the piano.  You can get a glimpse of the master that we designed together as well in the photo below.


A slightly different angle.


It’s coming to life!  I know it may be better for the chairs to be switched with the sofa so it appears more open as you enter, but she did not want the sofa in front of the window.



Looking pretty good!  She says it feels much warmer and more inviting than before.  I love seeing her progress images.

The 3d drawings really helped her envision things along the way so she had a clear idea of what was worth trying in the room, as most things were ordered online.

It was definitely a collaboration between me and the client – what works for her, what she needs to keep (like the paint colors and sofas), her taste and her budget.  This is why my company is called Hyphen Interiors – it’s a collaboration.  And, lots of fun!

If you like what you see and are interested in help with a room in your home, email me at



  1. Hi Kristy! My friend Dana introduced me to your site. This room looks great! I am following you on FB now!

  2. Wow! What an amazing spot to be able to decorate! Nothing like having good bones to work with. My personal favorite color scheme is the black/white/and green so I love how this is looking. I so want to curl up with a book on that sofa!

  3. The room looks great! I absolutely love it!

  4. I love your client’s home. It has great bones to start with! The wood beams are gorgeous. The before and after made such a difference. I like how you lighten the living up with a lighter geometric rug. It looks fresh and stylish. Wonderful collaboration, Kristy. Can’t wait to see the rest!


  5. Your client’s home is beautiful. I love how they have brought your vision to life. Really great job Krisy.

  6. Green is my all-time favorite accent color so you know I LOVE the new green accents! It is looking so beautiful! Missed reading your posts over the Holidays. Hope that you all had a great Christmas.

  7. wow! its looking great! and what an awesome dresser she found. I really hope she decides to paint those wall -she will be amazing at how that room will come together and come to life!
    So are you all settled in TX? Hopefully this Spring we can meet up for coffee!

    • Working on it. Unfortunately, I’ve had a cold and then some allergic reactions since Christmas, so it’s a little slower going than I’d like. But, overall, pretty good! I hope to put some photos of the rental up soon. Hope we can meet up for coffee, for sure!!

  8. I likey….cool program with the 3d fun to see!

  9. Just started following and reading. This is so great! Thanks for sharing what you’re working on for a client. Nice to see things come to life!

  10. Wow, what a fun post! Thanks for taking us through the process. I always appreciate seeing the computer-rendered drawings also.

  11. Kristi, I love the dark taupe walls with the blue window treatments. Your storybook/3D drawings are amazing. Very impressive. I wanted to thank you for stopping by our site today. Since we are very new bloggers it is certainly the highlight of my day when I get to meet a fellow blogger. Have a Great Day!

  12. Ooo, it’s fun seeing your plans come to life!!

  13. What a team, Kristy! How cool that it was a barn, you’ve helped them create such an inviting home!

  14. Great job! It is really coming together. Love your renderings, I am sure they really help the client visualize.

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