Family Room in the Rental

I thought I’d show you a photo of our Austin rental today.

We moved into our rental just a few days before Christmas.  The rental (until we find the right home to buy) is smaller than our last home, as it’s just temporary.  It’s brand new and we are the first to live in it!  Our landlords are awesome!

We’ve unpacked the majority of our stuff (well the stuff that will get unpacked), but have yet to hang curtains.  Here is how it’s looking.  Please pardon the naked windows.

untitled shoot-049

Each time you move to a different home, you will notice that your furniture, art and curtains just don’t quite fit the same way, huh?  I mean, the walls, room shape, dimensions and entire space is different.  We refuse to buy anything new for the (temporary) rental, so we are using what we have and making it work!!

We did the family room almost identical to our family room in Phoenix.  See the Phx family room below.


There is a different coffee table. We are using the bench from the master, as we sold the old ottoman.  And, we changed some of the pillows.  Can you spot which one?

We are also using a white end table instead of the black one.  Overall, though, things fit decently in this room.

untitled shoot-057

And, above, you notice the art from the craft room that we are using.    Below, you get a bit of a glimpse into the kitchen.

untitled shoot-064

The boxes?  Well, there is an entire bedroom and a garage filled with unopened boxes!

We’re getting there.  Gotta get those curtains hung!  It will have a big impact.

I’ll share another room or two as time goes on.  It’s not anything spectacular, but it’s a good temporary place to live in a killer location.



  1. It looks great! It looks like all of your furniture fits in nicely, which is a huge bonus. And it already looks so home-y! :)

  2. Are all your boxes on the other side of the camera? ha! Just kidding, but I am really impressed at your quick work. Glad you’re in Austin!

  3. Your room looks great…not temporary at all!!!
    I am getting ready to change over my whole livin room… I have been stuck tryin to decide on colors – hard because I have stained wood trim from the 50′s and EVERY inspiration photo I find, has white painted trim…
    Anyway – I have finally chosen a color scheme of Blueish and Apple Greenish, plus light and dark “Greige” (on walls), with some chocolate thown in. So, alot of the colors you show here… only a bit lighter overall.
    My question is – can you tell me where you found the striped pillows? or is it just fabric that you made them with? I LOVE THOSE!!! That would really help tie colors together too.
    THANKS!!!! love your blog….

    • Thanks! Sure, I can share that. It’s a fabric I found at Bassett Furniture called Hershey. They made the pillows for me for around $50 each, I believe. It’s a good quality fabric. Hope that helps!

  4. Looks great Kristy!

  5. Kathy Schikevitz

    Sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday with all the emails back and forth!! Happy belated birthday Kristy. I’m excited to work with you on my bedroom.

  6. wow! you’ve done a lot- surely there is a room where all your boxes are piled sky high! Girl it took us months to get unpacked and I got to the point where I was ready to start tossing table cloths over boxes and making them into tables!
    Its looking lovely!

  7. Looking good and Happy Birthday! You have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kristy. (I found out from the comments above.) Your new space looks great and it’s a bonus that everything fits. Most of the time they don’t. :) Looking forward to see more rooms in the future.

    Have a good day!


  9. Kristy, it looks great! It looks so homey! Good luck with the house search! And happy belated birthday!!

  10. I thought when I first saw the pictures it was from your old house. That is one nice rental! Looks fantastic, I love how you have shopped other rooms you had in your house to make it work.

  11. I agree, you’ve made it look so cozy & comfy already! What a great space :)

  12. That looks awesome for a rental! I wish ours looked that nice!

  13. It looks darling. You have done a great job. I love the new coffee table/ottoman. It is always a challenge when you live in a rental but you have really pulled it together!

  14. Looks great! Don’t worry about curtains, you probably don’t need them. My family is allergic to dust so most of the rooms don’t have them. We don’t have any neighbors looking directly on us. Ann

  15. It took me about 2 years to get our house half way to being where you are. Nice work!

  16. Wow! Looks like you’ve been there forever! Hope you are enjoying the ATX!

  17. Looks great! How nice that you get to be the first ones in the rental! Looking forward to seeing the next few rooms you reveal.

  18. It’s looking great! Good for you for making it look so fabulous so quickly!

  19. That doesn’t look temporary at all. In fact, it looks great!

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