Follow Up on Curtain Rods

Shannon from Shannon Berrey Designs did a post on Dec 30th about how to make inexpensive, yet custom, curtain rods.  It was an excellent post.  She got several questions on how she actually attached them to the wall.  So, today’s post is a follow up to that.  If you didn’t see it, check it out!


I failed to include how I hung my PVC rods, so I wanted to do a little follow-up. I don’t have these curtains hanging any longer. When I went to ‘reenact’ the hardware set-up, I realized I had become fuzzy on exactly how I did it. But, my husband and I put our heads together and we have the details.

Just remember that these were stationary panels. I never intended for them to move. That is why the hardware solution we came up with worked.

Because the PVC is much bigger than a normal store-stocked rod, normal curtain hardware isn’t equipped to work. We used {2} 6″ L-brackets, {2} 2 1/4 bolts, and 4 screws {type depends on if you are screwing into sheetrock or studs} Let’s pretend that my hardwood floor is actually the wall:


The L-brackets are placed with the base down and screwed into the wall. I placed them about 1′ in from the finials on both ends. I placed the bolt in the last outside hole, bottom up.


You could put a washer on top to hold the bolt from falling out, but I didn’t. I found that when I placed the rod with the curtain panels shirred on, onto the L-brackets, just the pressure of the rod against the bolts kept them in place. The curtains and rod don’t have any desire to roll off. They are real happy just sitting still. :)  By the way… this is a 2-person job.


Use your imagination and pretend that there are curtains in the above picture. The screw just gets hidden inside the shirring and you don’t see it at all.

I am pretty confident that there are much better ways to hang these, but, this worked for me.

Hope this helped!!

Thanks so much, Shannon!  So cool of you to come back and visually show us how you did it!


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  1. I forgot all about the PVC rods! Thanks for the reminder! I still need to make this!

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