Giveaway Winner!

Really quickly, those of you who read my posts through readers or email will be happy to know that it looks like the full post is now showing up in readers again!  It’s no longer truncated. Yay.  I guess it was just a glitch.  Let’s hope it keeps working.   Let me know if it changes.

About the giveaway…  I put the entries for the Arcadian Lighting giveaway into Excel so that each one was numbered. Then, I went to and after entering the number span, clicked generate.

The winner is the67 th entry which is from Nikki Kelly.

In that entry, Nikki wrote:    I liked you on fb!

As far as the lighting goes, she liked the Adesso Spotlight.  Congrats, Nikki!  She happens to have a blog if you want to check it out!



  1. Conrats, Nickki! (we are all super jealous, now!) – Happy Thursday! :)

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