Model Home Tour

As we go out house hunting (for anyone just joining - we sold home and relocated from Phx to Texas in Dec), we end up going into models.  Here is a model by Scott Felder.  Of course, it’s way out of our price range, but beautiful, nonetheless.  I think it’s the most well done model I’ve seen in a while.

The interior designer was from Linfield Design.  Excellent work!

Love the huge daybed porch swing.

untitled shoot-028

Dining Room.

untitled shoot-031


untitled shoot-034


untitled shoot-036

untitled shoot-074

Family Room.

untitled shoot-044

Love this lamp.

untitled shoot-075

Game room.  Awesome ceiling.  I thought they were inventive with the hardy plank siding on the walls!

untitled shoot-038

untitled shoot-047


untitled shoot-055

untitled shoot-049

untitled shoot-063

untitled shoot-065

untitled shoot-068

Outdoor living space.

untitled shoot-059

untitled shoot-061

Wish I could have this house!  Do you enjoy going into model homes?  Do you avoid those that are out of your price range?  If you live in Austin, is there a builder that you recommend?



  1. WOW! That home is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! What a great kitchen and I love the ceiling in the master! Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow, that home is stunning!

  4. I definitely go into the expensive ones. Always fun to see what they look like :)

  5. That’s a great model home! They don’t make ‘em like that in Kansas City…

  6. Great home tour Kristy! Awesome inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE going into model homes. I love the kitchen in this one.

  8. That model home is gorgeous! We looked at a few models when we were looking to buy a house, but they give me unrealistic expectations because the things in it are always nicer than my things lol. I like a blank canvas better.

  9. I love going to model homes just for fun we are not even planing to buy or move from our house :) and this model home is amazinnnnnnnnnng

  10. I love going through model homes. In my old job, I was a designer with a company and we designed hundreds of models, but I am still always thrilled to see a new one. I love the beefy look of the hook/shelf in the red bedroom. I pinned it and will be doing that in my next guest bedroom. Awesome job Kristy!

  11. Love the window seat in that girls room. :)

  12. Going into model homes is one of my favorite pastimes! I enjoy going into models in all price ranges!

  13. Now that’s how I want my house to look!

  14. Thanks for the tour, Kristy! Loved those dark walls in the kitchen!

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