More Painted Chair Successes

Here are a few more successes from readers who used my painted upholstery tutorial.  The first is from Simply Blissful Photography.

After and then before.


Love the color she used!  Turned out so great!  She reminded me of the tip to put your paint in the fridge in between coats so that it doesn’t dry out.

The next was done in a very similar blue.  It’s from Bungalow.  She did report that the more worn areas of the fabric (the chair is 25 yrs old) didn’t take the paint as well.  So, that is something to remember.  you can notice those areas below.


The third chair is from Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied.


I like how some of the pattern is still showing through and how she did the bronze nail heads.

The last chair is from a reader without a blog, Kristin.


Remember, the after photos are first!  The second photo is the before.

Have you painted a chair?  Would you?

This method is best for seating that isn’t used a lot, but could offer color and style to a room.  The fabric does get stiffer, though it’s not horribly scratchy.  It’s not something to cuddle on at all, but it’s a great solution if you want to save money, yet update a piece of furniture.

Be sure to visit each indidual blog for more information on one of these chairs.



  1. Loved the first one with the round back and the color is so prerty

  2. You have started quite a phenomenon!!

    • I am surprised that instead of less, I get a few more visitors that check out the painted chairs each day. And, I’m getting more and more readers sending in photos – several that I have not posted, usually due to photo quality or lack of time. But, yeah, it’s very interesting. I think it’s indicative of the economic times. Many want the look, but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a chair. Or, don’t feel it’s a practical use of money right now.

      • Kristy,I bought a wingback chair in EXCELLENT condition at a resale shop for 20.00,for my 20 year old daughters room that my husband & I just finished transforming from “gothic fairies” to “vintage”.I’ve never learned how to reupholster difficult furniture,so I’m following your lead ,& giving painting it a shot..just bought my supplies today & am very excited to get started on it!

  3. A friend of mine recently painted her couch and it looks awesome! I’ll have to try to get her to email it to you!

  4. I plan on painting a chair soon, though probably several months from now or more. I just acquired a chair from a lady off Craigslist that has great bones, but the upholstery is horrible! The first thing I did when I got home was search for fabric painting techniques (I’ve seen it on other blogs, but couldn’t remember which ones), and that is how I came upon your blog! Thank you for the tutorial, and for all the little tidbits that I’m sure will come in handy when I do get around to painting it!

  5. Hello Kristy — The information you have provide along with the before and after pictures have empowered me to do some fabric painting. I recently purchased a large 5th wheel to live in while providing project management services. Love the 5th wheel except the couch material stops me in my tracks every time I see it. A good slipcover will instantly take care of that, however, the same material has been put at each window as part of the valance. . . . . .what to do? I’m going to try your method of painting the fabric! Because it is a “viewed” surface, I am confident this will work and hold up well and will most definitely make a HUGE difference. Thank you for passing on your expertise!

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