Painted Chair Success and Failure

If you never grow tired of seeing these transformations, check out this yellow chair that a reader painted!   This reader used latex house paint.


Don’t you love the detail on the seat cushion? She added that with a Martha Stewart stencil.

She said she bought the chair for $10 and painted three coats of yellow on it.

Then, she painted the wood areas white with spray paint.




She spent $10 on a chair and the first time, it didn’t go as well. She said she thinks it was due to the fabric being the type to have lint balls all over it. So, in the spirit of trying to make it work, she went out and bought a second $10 chair and this time, it worked! She did this for a friend who was trying to find a yellow chair!


Looking good! Lucky friend.

This reader/ blogger from Burlap and Fade said she had a chair fail because the paint she used was too thick.

Here is the before and after photo.


Up close.


Clearly too thick and not too attractive.  It’s very important to let the paint really soak in, even if you have to work it in or water it down a lot.

Let me know if you paint a chair.



  1. I wonder if it is comfy to sit on or is it stiff? I would love to see this in person. Amazing!

    • Everyone seems to say the same thing. Not too stiff, but not for cuddling. A good solution for a side chair that doesn’t get a ton of use…

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