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This is a new to me blog.  I discovered it through a comment.  Beware – I often go to the blogs of those who comment here!  And, I loved it immediately.  She was clearly doing a great job.  So, I asked her to guest post for me.  So glad she accepted!  Today enjoy some photography tips for your blog from Pam at Simple Details.  They are simple and do not require a fancy dslr camera!


Hey there Kristy’s readers, I’m Pam from simple details.  I was thrilled when Kristy asked me to share something while she’s in the midst of settling in. Is she ever a trooper, moving is bad enough but across the country, during the holidays and being sick…yikes!

I’ve been blogging for a few months and didn’t want to run out and buy a fancy camera, although I’d love to learn the technical aspects of photography it hasn’t made it to the top of my priority list yet. I use an inexpensive Canon Power Shot in auto mode and use auto adjust to tweak my photos.

(Sorry to the experienced photographers out there who are just cringing!)

Here are a few tips on ways to make your photos a tad better without reading your manual!  I’m not suggesting you don’t, and it’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but until then…

1.  Make it interesting.

I chose not to use this photo in my post about this table re-do.  It just looked a little boring and didn’t show off the table well.

I  intentionally wanted the nailheads from the sofa and the geometric patterned pillow in this shot, once again, adds interest compared to the shot I didn’t use.

Try getting down low, I was sitting on the floor for this shot.

2.  Use magazines and catalogs to study the composition of photos.

I used a William Sonoma catalog for styling ideas when taking this photo for a potato soup post.

Take your photo in the best natural light possible – you may have to take your craft or bowl of soup to the kids bedroom, sunroom…wherever there is light!

3.  Use a backdrop.

One last tip, I got from Martha Stewart.

Use a piece of poster board as a backdrop behind your project for a nice clean background. I covered this in a cloth, you can use any fabric.  Be sure you crop the photo well, notice I didn’t and you can see the edge of the board on the left side.

Hope these simple tips are helpful! Thanks so much for having me, Kristy!

Thanks for the great tips!  I’m going to work on those myself.  Be sure to check out her blog!



  1. Pam’s a wealth of knowledge. You can tell she puts lots of thought into her shots!

  2. Thanks for highlighting Pam, Kristy. She is one of my favorites!

  3. What great and practical tips. Love this guest post, do-able without spending a fortune. Beautiful room. I’ll be following Simple Details daily. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pam has such a natural eye for both design and photography. I love her blog.

  5. Inspired in Arvada

    Congratulations Pam and thanks Kristy. Your blogs are so inspiring.

  6. Great tutorial! thanks for the tips Pam!


  7. I need all of the photography help I can get Pam! This is full of “simple,” easy to execute ideas until I get my photography skills together! Thanks for sharing! Now off to see more of this new to me blog!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  8. Thanks again for inviting me over, Kristy! And, to my sweet blogging friends for their comments!

  9. I have been bugging my hubby to death for a new DSLR camera. I have the Canon Powershot and will def be using these tips! I like the one about studying books & mags for creative shots. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks ladies.

  10. That was so helpful! Thanks so much. I was just thinking about that today. I will definitely be using these tips!

  11. Thanks for the tips Pam and congrats on your guest post! I have a little Canon Powershot Elph so I don’t exactly have a fancy camera either! I will use your suggestions!

  12. Wonderful tips, Pam! I most certainly need to use a backdrop and find some more natural light!


  13. Great tips! Thanks for sharing- heading over to your blog now =)

  14. Pam always has great “simple” suggestions and these are great! I’m also a novice with photos but cropping and editing are on top of my list this year. I always have a problem with shadows – especially with birds eye view shots.

  15. These are great tips!

  16. All great ideas. I use a point and shoot also and I believe you can get some great pictures with a little practice. And I agree……natural light is very important. Thanks Pam!

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