Spelling Manor – Candy is the Queen of Organization

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Alrighty, so how many of you watched the tour of the Spelling Manor on HGTV on Monday after New Year’s day?   I did!  Not because I am so fascinated by the size of the house, though I am a little fascinated at the thought process that goes into deciding to build a home that is 56,000 sq ft plus another 17,000 sq ft in the attic.


This French chateau style mansion called The Manor was built by the late Aaron Spelling back in 1991.  Spelling made his fortune producing television hits, including  Dynasty, Charlie’s Angel and Beverly Hills 90210.  The Hollywood legend died in 2006, leaving his home and fortune to wife Candy Spelling.  So, she decided to sell and downsize.


I have to admit that a big reason I watched is because of one of my guilty pleasures.  I like her daughter, Tori.  Not from her 90210 days.  But from her more recent reality shows.  I thought it may be nice to get some insight from the other side – her mom, as well as into her growing up.

Some of you will love Candy Spelling’s gift wrapping/ craft rooms.  She had three in The Manor.


But, what I came away appreciating the most is how stinking organized she is!

She has a bunch of collections.  As a non-collector myself, I find that collections can get overwhelming fast and appear more like hoarding.  But, she managed to keep them orderly and organized.  For instance, she had a room just for her doll collection.  All shelves and cabinets – much like a very nice (and very large) closet.

From labeling her perfectly cataloged wine collection (that I cannot find a photo of),  to the massive storage system in the attic, this home was impressively and meticulously organized.

Here is Candy’s 17,000/square foot attic just to give you an idea.


I mean, it’s like a real warehouse that has been inventoried.  Really, it looks kind of like a Costco, which I’ve heard she studied when trying to come up with a system.

She says there is “too much of our lives up there to be stuffed, piled and forgotten” and she actually looks forward to going to the attic at least “four or five times a week, and sometimes every day.” How many of us can say that?  Now, she admits, she is a bit of a hoarder in the sense that she rarely gets rid of anything.  She still has most of the children’s childhood toys… and well, everything.

Most of us wouldn’t need quite so much space.  Especially those like me who get rid of things way too quickly!  Which end of the spectrum are you on?


Being a person who just finished moving (the first of two moves, the second happening when we find a home in Austin to buy), I had to wonder, how hard was it to move this huge house?!

Well, like the rest of us, she had to pack it up in thirty days.  She had three moving companies and tens of 18 wheelers, but all was very organized.

I can relate to her first step – she labeled everything in each room with stick-it notes.  D= Donate.  A= Auction.  C=Condo.  S=Storage.  And, so on.

Then… and this is the part I am jealous of…  each box that was packed came with a photo of the contents, a number and a list of the contents, all inventoried so she could find what she needs.  I do something similar when I pack myself, but the movers we’ve had just write on the box what room it goes in… not what the exact contents are… and now with having a few things we cannot find, that’s not good!

And, you guessed it.  The warehouse that is holding her stuff until she moves into her new condo is just as organized as her attic – all 20,000 sq ft of it!  How nice!


What are your thoughts on all of the Spelling Manor hype?   Did you drool over the organization of it all, too?

Okay.  I’ll just throw it out there.  On the HGTV special, they touched on how she is decorating her condo that is currently under construction.  I kind of gagged when I saw the forest green marble that she had picked out for the kitchen floor… and then green granite countertops.  Eek!  I guess it just takes me back to the 80s too much.   Tori, help her!    I know, we all have different taste…  She did a great job on The Manor.  I’m sure it will be beautiful in the end.  But, seriously, Tori is actually a pretty darn good decorator/ event planner.



  1. I would almost give my first born away for that marble floored attic, so clean and organized! ha!

  2. OMG I LOOOOOOOOVED that. I am so OCD that I was in love with all the organizing a la Candy Spelling. She is my organization idol :) And Tori is so my celebrity best friend LOL

  3. I watched it (and loved being able to see it all – how cool!) – and now I am absolutely convinced that there is no such thing as “timeless” design. Such gorgeous rooms, that cost plenty of money, and all I could think was “I would take that wallpaper down” and “Those curtains are killing me”. Don’t get me wrong, I know those designs have held up better than most, but as a person who is trying to start thinking about a bathroom and kitchen reno, I am nervous to put anything in there that won’t look okay in 5 years, let alone 10 or longer. I’m glad to know that it’s something that everyone, no matter how wealthy and tasteful they are, has the same issues with as I do, when it comes to design.

    • Well said. Great points! Yep, it needed an update for sure. The foyer was still nice, but the master bathroom for instance, needed a major update. Interesting, huh?

      I think the key is neutrals and nothing too trendy, but things that have so far stood the test of time.

  4. This is . . . overwhelming.
    I’d love to be that organized. But I don’t have the time. I have a feeling that Candy Spelling surely had help in doing all her organizing projects!

  5. Hi, Kristi! Hope everything was really great with your Christmas back with family and that you have a wonderful New Year. All that I can say about Candy & this Manor is that it must be so lonely. It just gives me an overwhelming sense of sadness to think about her rambling around in that HUGE house. Yes, I know she has tons of servants or helpers, but still.

    • I definitely agree. It did feel lonely. I’ve heard Tori say before that the house really separated the family since it was so large. There were many times that they could not even find one another.

  6. I guess I”m completely out of the loop because I hadn’t even heard of this show until now. I do not envy anyone that has to make a move to a place with that scale of “stuff”. I’m still trying to get organized from our small move 2 months ago:)

  7. Well, first of all, I cannot imagine having a home that huge. Really, what can one do to honestly enjoy it? I’m sure it would be grand for entertaining but so much excess…that’s what bothers me. I can imagine helping those less fortunate more so than having so much “stuff” that you need a 17,000 ft area to store it. Just blows my mind that someone feels the need to store “stuff”. Think of how many jillions of families she could help, or battered women’s shelters or babies, children, the homeless….

    I would LOVE to be that organized but so much? No ~ not me.

    • So true! I love the organization and can appreciate that, but the excess certainly feels like a waste. I’d also rather help others than amass that much “stuff.”

  8. I missed this. Bummer. I can’t imagine having that much crap…I mean important stuff.

  9. I definitely tuned in, since we had been living not very far from the manor. (That doesn’t mean we’re fancy like Candy… LA is just like that, with apartments not too far from mega-houses.) And I definitely laughed when she tried to justify having multiple gift-wrapping rooms. If her house wasn’t so huge and organized, she’d definitely qualify to be featured on Hoarders. :-) But she seems nice and relatively down-to-Earth otherwise, so it’s hard to begrudge her that massive doll collection… and I’m seriously envious of the bowling alley!

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