4 Unexpected Ways to Use A Dresser

One of my favorite pieces of furniture right now is the dresser.  (For the purpose of this post, let’s just have the term dresser be used loosely to mean credenza, buffet, dresser, chest of drawers… get creative!) 

Why is this a favorite of mine right now?  It’s so versatile.  It provides storage.  And, dressers can be redone to look new. 

Let’s talk about ways you can use a dresser in your home. 

1.  Use it in the entry.




2.  Use it as a media cabinet.




3.  Use it as extra kitchen storage or as a buffet.



4.  Use it as a bathroom vanity.




How about without drawers for organizing craft supplies?  What about a small one as a night stand? 

How have you used a dresser in your home?  Feel free to share a link!



  1. I love this post with all the ideas!! I have a dresser sitting in a closet and I keep thinking it could be used for something cool….hmmm….I also love all the different colors/styles of the dressers!!

  2. I really like the dressers as media cabinets lately! They look so nice and classy!

  3. I love the dresser as a media cabinet :)

  4. I love it all the ideas and beautiful pictures. For a while, I have been considering buying a beat-up dresser and trying to revamp it to use it somewhere in my house. The key word her is “trying”. I’ve never done it but I think it’d be so much fun. Or maybe so frustrating. I guess I won’t really know until I try it.

  5. Love this! We repurposed a dresser as our media console and I absolutely adore it. Dressers are so versatile!

  6. I love all of those non-traditonal uses for dressers. In fact, as soon as I get my headboard done (read: sometime in the spring, when I can pull my saw out from storage), I’m going to use dressers as night stands (currently using one for my husband’s side). Question, on the third image, do you know what kind of paint and application it would take to paint a piece of furniture like that? I love how it looks metal. I clicked the picture, but the link was not helpful. I was thinking a silver or chrome paint, but I wasn’t sure.

    • Hmm… I would paint it silver and then take a glaze or watered down black paint and rub it on and then rub it right back off a few second later. I’d practice on the under side, though. If anyone else has ideas on how to achieve that, speak up! I’m sure many of you have great ideas.

  7. Love the ideas. I hadn’t seen the kitchen island idea. That is awesome. Already has the drawers. I also love the old 70′s dresser with the mirrors on the drawers. I swear that is my old dresser. LOL!
    Ginger xoxo

  8. I love dressers too… I use them for everything. As laundry room storage, in my garage, as my tv credenza, buffets, sideboards, to flank my fireplace, etc. Here is my latest dresser project, it is the credenza in my office.

  9. Oops, wrong link. I was entering the homes.com pinterest contest and pressed paste and post comment too soon. Here is the right link.

  10. Beautiful post! My feelings exactly. You can never go wrong with a dresser.

  11. Oh my gosh, I love each and every example! I’d LOVE to use one as a bathroom vanity.

  12. Beautiful pics! I especially like the white media cabinet one. We made a curbside dresser into our media stand and just picked up another one that I’m hoping to turn into an entryway table.


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