Curtains Hung in Family Room

We finally hung curtains throughout the rental.  All curtains we already had.  Thank goodness there were enough for the windows in the rental, as we had not yet covered all windows in Phoenix AND we sold about 8 panels in the garage sale prior to the move.

But, what a difference curtains made to the family room in particular!


It was pretty cold and uninviting.  We spent time in the loft mostly due to that fact – with all the hard surfaces the room really needed some additional fabric to soften it up, as well as to break up the tan!

untitled shoot-049

You can see a box still on the floor and paper over the backyard doors prior to the curtains being hung.

untitled shoot-067

But, here she is with curtains!




With the chairs the other way.



And, so you can see that there are other curtains in the other direction.


Can you see the difference curtains make?


It’s all similar to our last home, as we used most of the same items.  New items include a bench from the master bedroom, a white end table from the master bedroom, and a few pillows taken from the master bedroom.  That’s the advantage of using similar colors throughout a home!

Not too bad for using what we had in the room.

Our family room in Phoenix.


If you have a room that feels cold, hard, uninviting, try adding curtains!  It’s one of the last things many people add.  I know a few who are particularly resistant to it (some for health reasons… I’m not referring to them), but they add so much warmth and color to a room!

I cannot emphasize the impact of curtains enough.  If you can’t afford them, consider making them.  Or, consider buying from a place like IKEA.

Do you have curtains?  Where did you get yours?



  1. The curtains look great, but hanging curtains is the top of my list of least favorite things to do :) ha!

  2. It is amazing what curtains do for a room-and so true its the LAST thing many people add to the room but boy it makes such a difference. It looks great!

  3. We had zero curtains in our first house. I love curtains now.

    Your living room looks so good! I’m impressed you did that in such a short period of time!

  4. I’ve been wanting to ask your advice about hanging curtains on windows that have that type of molding on the top. Every window in our house has that molding and I am never quite sure how to hang curtains. Needless to say most of our windows are bare because I’ve been stuck. haha. Glad you posted this!

    • Yay, I love these types of comments because it means the post was helpful! So glad. I’d almost always hang a bit above the top of the window (a foot or so) and down to the floor, but in this case there were two obstacles – the length of the curtain I had on hand (96 inches) and the fact that the ceiling in the left corner was angled, so I couldn’t go any higher or it wouldn’t be covering the window.

  5. Yes, curtains are a must! Your temp home is looking very cozy.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Curtains are my number 1 solution. They add so much warmth to a room. I’m in the process of a diy project where I’m transforming store bought panels into something a little special

  7. What would you do if you had the little windows above the actual ones? I usually buy my curtains in India, just because they are a whole lot cheaper and i can get them custom made. I think we should cover the little windows too, right from top to bottom, but my husband thinks that’s not a good idea.

    • Great question. It depends on how tall they are total, how far apart the windows are, and the ceiling slope if the top windows are close to the ceiling. So, depends. If the top of the bottom windows are over 7 ft and there is a space of at least 18 inches between them and the top windows, then you can get away with hanging curtains just over the bottom windows with the rod going right in between. If they are super close together, it is many times better to hang curtains over the top windows if the ceiling slope allows it. I think full length, slightly puddling on the floor, can look very elegant. Hope that helps some.

  8. Our current place doesn’t have any curtains, but I can’t wait to add some to our new house!

  9. What a great illustration of the HUGE difference curtains can make, or even fabrics generally. They completely soften the space and make it all feel so much more finished. Nice!

  10. What a difference! I love to get my curtains from the Target clearance section. IKEA is good too!

  11. I’m currently in the process of making my own curtains! Our bedroom has 5 windows in it and I thought I’d purchase fabric and make my own. Pinterest has a lot of tutorials into doing it yourself and they are pretty simple!

  12. Looks great. I’ve been debating getting curtains for our rental. You may have swayed me. But with some strange colors in various areas, I may be more desperate for paint. :)

  13. They look great! I really like to have curtains…they do make a statement. I also like them in the bedroom so the room will be darker early mornings. You can tell I like to sleep in! :-) My dog is so frightened of thunderstorms and sometimes it helps when he can’t “see” the lightning too.

    Thanks for sharing ~

  14. Curtains were one of the first things I bought, for both the bedroom and living room! (I’ve actually bought 2 sets for the living room, because I fell in love with and had to have a painting and then decided I didn’t like the curtains with it lol!) I’m not sure how much of it was due to Jess being a third shifter, or me just hating the sight of the plain blinds that the apartment furnished. They are gorgeous teal (what can I say, I love bright colors), you can see more here if you’re interested!

    • Oh and (sorry got sidetracked thinking about my gorgeous curtains that I LOVE… what was I saying? Oh yes…) your living room looks amazing and I am so jealous! The curtains really do make a tremendous difference. They (and the rest of your room) look great!

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