First Purchase for New House

We are now under contract on a home in Austin!  Yay.  This is my first purchase (off of Craigslist) for the home.  I plan to paint it, though I’m not certain what color yet.

Gold?  Kelly green?  White?  What do you think?


What do you think of her?

Hoping all goes smoothly in the closing of the house.  Though I had lots of help from lots of sources, a very special thanks goes to the following people.  If you are house hunting in the Austin area, some of these people may be good resources.

Corey Hendrix - Great agent located in Cedar Park, responds quickly to emails and calls which is important to me.  He’s getting started in the business so give him a try, especially if you live in north Austin.

Robert and Tricia Nelson -  Broker and reader.  She was of major help and her husband who is broker happily sent over very helpful information along the way even though he was not our agent.  They provided me with important information on prices in the neighborhood that I bought in.

Monica Van Valkenburgh – Loan officer.  Great to work with, low rates, no origination fee.

Kristin Oslchefskie – Reader.  Awesome referrals on agent and lenders.  Very helpful with neighborhoods and builders.

Kim Glasgow – Reader.  Gave great info on builders and referrals on agents and lenders.

I know I left off a number of people, as I had a ton of help from many agents, loan officers, friends and readers.  But, these stood out a ton.  I appreciate all your help!!



  1. Congratulations, Kristin! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic in your new surroundings.

  2. Oh, how embarrassing…just realized I typed Kristin instead of Kristy! What a dork!!! Sorry!

  3. Kelly green would really make it pop! I’m so happy for you – a new house is so exciting, especially for someone who loves design and decor. :)

  4. Congrats, Kristy! What a find! I might paint the geometric pattern gold and the legs and frame a different color. Have fun!

  5. LOVE it! it’s a great first purchase!

  6. Love it! I’d go with the green. Can’t wait to see it when it is done! Congrats on the house! That is so exciting.

  7. Yay!! I vote gold for the table!

  8. yay! so excited for you!! and love the new Craigslist find- I need to come to Austin for some loot! Your craigslist is awesome! And you know Im a fan of gold but when you said Kelly Green I did a little squeal- that would look amazing in green.

  9. Yay, so exciting. Can’t wait to see how you will transform your new house into your new home. Congrats!!!

  10. What a great table you got! And congratulations on the new purchase, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. The table color? Well that all depends on what style you are going with for the room, so I can’t say just yet, but I love ALL the colors you mentioned. How darn exciting for you and your husband!

    • Of course eclectic, but at the moment, I’m drawn to kelly green, gray, black, and white… using the sectional I have… Overall, I want a touch of glam, touch of rustic and touch of industrial… if that helps.

  11. Beautiful table! I think it’s crying out for a fun color. Congrats on the house!

  12. I would wait until you move in and see where it looks best. It looks really nice now. Ann

  13. Woo hoo! A home! I vote kelly green for selfish reasons. I love the color but can’t find the right spot for it in my house.

  14. White is always a classic choice, but I think gold would look super awesome, too! Maybe a combo? Paint the framework white and the ‘fretwork’ gold?

  15. Woohoo! Congrats on being under contract! The table is awesome, and I’m eager to see what color you chose :)

  16. So exciting! Congrats!!! Didn’t realize you guys were looking up north. There are some GORGEOUS houses in the cedar park area!

  17. Definitely gold! Green would look awesome, but I’m all about some gold!

  18. Congrats on the home purchase!!! You’ll have to message me and let me know what part of town you ended up in!
    I wanna see you go GREEN with the table!

  19. Ahhh! Congrats on the pending contract!! So exciting! And my vote is for the kelly green!

  20. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    That table is awesome and a great score! I do not think you can go wrong with any of your suggested colors. Congrats on the new house as well!

  21. Hi Kristy!
    I’m so glad you purchased my coffee table…I LOVE Craigslist!!
    But I didn’t realize the coffee table was the first purchase for your new home – how exciting!
    As for color, I agree with the idea of seeing what color it calls for in the setting you put it in…
    I know it’ll be fabulous whichever color you choose…
    Hugs, Barbara

  22. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home and that awesome table =)

  23. Love! KELLY GREEN!

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