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Recently, I hosted a giveaway from Arcadian Lighting.  Even if you missed, the giveaway, check out the post so you can see some examples of their inventory!  It’s awesome.  I want everything on that post!   Today, a writer from their company is guest posting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hello! I’m Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a website and blog with a wonderful selection of affordable lighting fixtures and interior design inspirations every day! I’m delighted to be guest posting for Hyphen Interiors because I’ve compiled eight fabulous rooms to share with you. When entertaining guests, the majority of the evening (or day!) will probably be spent at the dinner table. No matter what occasion you’re celebrating or theme you have chosen, it’s important that your dining room be attractive, dynamic, and accommodating. I hope you enjoy!

Room for Entertaining

I love the soothing pale green and white color palette in this dining room, and the subtle ocean inspired accents. The floral patterned chairs and heavy black table draw the attention to the center of the room.

Room for Entertaining

This cozy room is surprisingly dynamic and elegant, despite its small size. Each area is divided by a different wall color or a rug to make the room feel more spacious. The built-in seating is particularly contemporary and luxurious.

Room for Entertaining

The amazing view of Chicago certainly makes this dining room a fabulous place to host a party. But failing an impressive skyline view, these types of stunning chandeliers and golden and wood tones really make the room warm and exciting.

Room for Entertaining

A former garage gets a fabulous new life when given a fresh coat of paint and colorful paper lanterns. The mix and match patterns and garden furniture are a fresh and casual touch. This would definitely be a nice place to have a summer party with close friends.

Room for Entertaining

This stately dining room is both spacious and fun. The bright pops of yellow give a fresh vibrancy to the overall black and white color palette. I love the painted floor and the corner alcoves.

Room for Entertaining

This beautiful room proves that just a few key details can make all the difference. The antique mirror wall and sparkling ceiling light must provide a gorgeous quality of light in the evening. The blue velvet chairs with silver accents are so simple and perfect.

Room for Entertaining

The many geometric patterns draw the eye to every corner of this stunning room. The sharp corners and sparkling light fixture give the room a snow-inspired atmosphere.

Room for Entertaining

The rich hand painted de Gournay wallpaper really makes this room unique and personal. It makes the room feel like you’re dining in a garden, and the orange chairs really pop. Images 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

How would you decorate for entertaining guests? For plenty of interior design inspirations and the light fixtures that go with them, check out Arcadian Lighting!


  1. The chandelier that looks like branches is to die for! So beautiful!

  2. Beautiful things. Thanks for the great post. And welcome to Texas. Hope you are having fun house hunting.

  3. I think I pinned ALL of these… gorgeous!!!

  4. I noticed that these chandys are fairly high from the tabletop. What is the appropriate distance for the chandy to be from the tabletop?
    Thanks, Ginger

    • The general rule is 30-36 inches above the table top. Of course, there are always exceptions to that rule. For instance, if you have a taller ceiling than usual, it will be hung a tad higher.

  5. I love the interior design of the second picture. It has a very nice silver look which is really cool. The chandelier on the third picture is very romantic. I have never seen such brilliant design.


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