Guest Posting at Crazy Wonderful

Today, you can find me at Shelley’s blog where I’m talking about what is in my bag!

Check it out!  If you haven’t visited Shelley’s blog before, it’s worth a look-see!


  1. don’t you need to keep some Gluten free food in that bag in case you get caught somewhere with nothing to eat? Hope you are enjoying the new city. Ann

    • That’s too funny. I was just thinking about how I need to add something like that! Sometimes, I will throw something in, but I’ve run out of simple stuff to pack. My go-to used to be oats in a granola form, but I am now avoiding oats. I do occasionally bring cookies with me, but I can always stop at a grocery store for fruit… and many fast food places now have fresh fruit. Good thinking, though!! I am enjoying Austin so far! Loving the unique stores here.

  2. Hey I know this is off the subject but look what I ran across today!

    she used a water based stain instead, just thought you might wanna peek :0)

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