Industrial Lighting

Though I live in the suburbs, I sometimes dream of a downtown loft.  In fact, my ideal would be a converted factory or school house.  I love the idea of the exposed brick walls, worn paint and large windows.  If you share this dream, why not add this style into your current home.


Don’t go over the top or theme-y, but just a hint of industrial can add some urban attitude to a space.  A little industrial can go a long way.

You can check out stores like West Elm or you can even take a look at your local salvage yard or on Craigslist for industrial elements.

Industrial, as a style, can be tricky to implement.  Let’s look at some examples of how they can be used.


Here the industrial lights give an otherwise country kitchen an urban feel.



These bare fixtures add warmth and interest to an otherwise traditional space.


These frame fixtures add whimsy to a serious space.


In a bathroom?



Here are some various lights that I’d consider at least somewhat industrial in style.

image image  image

image image image

It’s all the rage right now.   Do you like it?  Have you included it in your home?

A little off topic, but, I wanted to acknowledge what amazing readers I have.  Through the move, they have not only been in touch on a personal level, but have offered up contractor referrals should I need them, doctor referrals, real estate agent referrals, have given house negotiation advice and I’ve already gone out to lunch with a few in Austin.  Thank you all!  It really means a lot.

I may have more news on the home front this next week!



  1. I adore adding industrial touches – especially in lighting! I have dreams of a kitchen with lots of industrial touches today – so pretty. And I’m totally with you in dreaming of owning a downtown loft! :)

  2. I do so enjoy a good spot of industrial in a room! It just gives it that fun vintage/unique vibe that you can’t really get any other way! (c: I’ve missed you girl! Hope everything is going good in TX!

  3. Ooh! I want that light in your last pic over the kitchen sink!
    Did you find a house??? So exciting!

  4. I’m so into the industrial light look. I BADLY want to add them to our kitchen. But, dang those bad boys can get expensive!

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