Kelly Green

I’m really drawn to kelly green lately.  Maybe it’s because of the post I did about the hotel designed by Kelly Wearstler that appears on the tv show Chuck.



What do you think of kelly green?  What do you think of these simple color schemes?

I love the white, green, gold and wood.


I like the wood floors and the gold in this room, as well as the upholstered dining chairs.




I thought this was a nice design board that I found online.


Should I go for a color scheme like this in the new house that we are buying?

What colors are you drawn towards lately?



  1. love it! yes I say go for it! Love your inspiration board.

  2. I am in love with all bold colors, but kelly green is definitely a favorite! I am always looking for a campaign piece that I can paint that color (c:

  3. I seriously said yesterday that I was debating on Kelly Green curtains for my son’s room haha! I am in LOVE with Kelly green!

  4. I love it and say go for it! Especially if YOU love it!!! Right? Have fun and can’t wait to see it when it’s all done. :-)

  5. I love most any color of green! Stop tempting me to paint my rental. :)

  6. I wear a lot of kelly green but it is a bold choice for decorating. I think it is very polarizing. But as with all design, if you love it, you should use it. You are a good designer and you will know how to pull it all together without being scary!

  7. Ha! I am such an idiot! I thought Kelly Green was a new designer.

  8. L*O*V*E the green! I wish I could re-decorate on a regular basis!

  9. Go for it!!! You’ll totally make it look awesome! I’m loving this color for clothing, and think it would be killer in an interior :)

  10. Eek! Kelly green scares me! But if you love it, you should TOTALLY do it. Seriously. If anyone can do it, it is you!

  11. I am totally loving the Kelly Green! You should go for it!

  12. Another, Go For It!! I love that it’s different!

  13. Unlike my sister above I LOVE the kelly green!!! You should totally do it. :) I’ve been drawn towards dark orange lately. Ever since I recovered my kitchen chairs in a dark orange and white fabric I’ve wanted it all over my house! Too bad my living room has red chairs…

  14. Katie and I were just talking about your kelly green post and we realized I’m wearing kelly green right now. Katie’s wearing brown. I’m the risk taker…Katie is not (although I don’t really consider wearing/decorating with kelly green a risk). :)

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