Making Your Decorating Dollar Stretch – Craigslist

One of the big ways I make my decorating dollar stretch is by buying what I can on Craigslist.  This simply is not possible for everything, but it’s wise to check CL just in case!

I hope to redecorate every room of our house when we buy a new home, but like most of us, my budget is not huge.  So, that will include repurposing items I own, buying on Craigslist, sewing and then also buying new.

Today, I want to share some items I pinned from Austin’s Craigslist that would help stretch the dollar in every room of your home.

Kitchen/ Dining

image image image

Custom made rustic table $875, 2 IKEA bar stools for $40, 3 bar stools for $100.

image image image

West Elm’s Diamond Rug 8×10 $250, 6 Parsons chairs for $500, Pedestal table and chairs $75

image image image

Two West Elm bar stools $120, Custom dining table $749, Eames bar stools

Please forgive the quality of photos – you get what you get on Craigslist.

Family Room

image image image

Large rustic coffee table $400, ZGallerie coffee table $250, Dresser $500 for set

image image image

8×10 West Elm jute rug $200, Apothecary, 8×8 West Elm rug $200


image image image

Industrial farm light $10 each, Capiz chandelier $125, Orb chandelier $250

image image image

Drum chandelier $350, Iron chandelier $50, Beaded chandelier $500

image image

Chandelier $100, 8 West Elm pendant lights $50


image image image

AGallerie night stand $275, French dresser, Bed $430

To Be Painted

image image image

Locker set $225, Table and four chairs $275, Pair of Wingbacks $80

image image image

Table and six chairs $300, 6 unique bamboo chairs $1100, Dresser

Trust me, it’s all way cheaper than retail!   How often do you try Craigslist?  Would you use any of these finds in your home?  What is your favorite CL find?

What are your tricks to making your decorating dollar stretch further?



  1. Love this post – you’ve found some seriously great stuff! I’m DYING over those West Elm pendants…I want those so badly for our kitchen!

  2. Whoa, Austin CL is full of some awesome stuff!! I love all of it!

  3. Great finds! Wow! Although I still have a hard time paying hundreds of dollars for things, I really just need to get over it. I’m excited to see what you end up doing in this “new” house. Are you really going to build? I loved when we built our house, it was so fun. If I were to do it again I would do things differently.

  4. wow! your Craigslist is a lot better than ours. I need those wingbacks! I’ve been wanting a pair to re-uphulster and use in the dining room.

  5. CL is awesome! After we get our current furniture moved in I’m going to start surfing CL for some new furniture items.

  6. I would use almost ALL of those finds!

  7. That first table in ” Kitchen/Dining” is amazing!

  8. are you kidding me???? As my father used to say “DON”T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!” LOL

    I want:
    - 6 unique bamboo chairs $1100
    - Locker set $225
    - 8 West Elm pendant lights $50
    - Apothecary

    Can you pick those up for me?? I’ll be right down to claim them :)
    But seriously those white weird bamboo chairs are to DIE for….

  9. When I moved from a city apartment to a real house in the suburbs, I needed a lot of things. For one, I needed a lamp in every room. There weren’t that many stores to buy things from, no Walmarts, or Kmarts. The department stores were expensive. So I started going to garage sales. Even on the second day, Sundays, I found some good deals. I guess you need to buy things you like if they are a really cheap price, even though you don’t know where they will go. Inspiration will strike later. If you get a great buy and don’t like the item later, you can always trade it with someone. The best sales I went to were hosted by groups, like PEO or Animal Rescue organizations, or churches with an older congregation. You get really interesting stuff. They mark the items based on the prices these items fetched years ago. And, every house has treasures even those that seem unkempt or sterile. Ann

  10. There are several of these finds I would purchase! I love craigslist, unfortunately in Lexington we don’t have near as many good finds on craigslist.

  11. Oh, we’ve found a number of things on CL. Love it!

  12. I love Craig’s List and honestly hate to have to make a big purchase anywhere else now. It does seem like it’s feast or famine, though. I haven’t found anything good in months!

  13. I check it often, but am usually disappointed what’s available in my neck of the woods :(

  14. Where did you find the Parsons chairs?

    • If you go to the Pinterest link at the towards the top of the post, it’s on a Pinterest board and links to the source, assuming it’s not sold. But, on Austin’s Craigslist.

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