Office in Rental

Many of you know we sold our home in Phoenix and moved to a rental in Austin in December.  We’re still getting situated in the rental while we look for a home to buy.

Today I am sharing how our office is looking in the temporary rental.  And… well… here are those short curtains that I sort of mentioned in yesterday’s post.   I know, I know… but it’s called making it work.


We downsized which means turning two offices into one, mine, as I am now the only one working from home.

As with the family room, we worked with what we had on hand.   Here are some photos of my office/ studio in our Phoenix home.  It was a much larger room.


I reused the rug.  We sold the drop cloth curtains just before moving.  So, I used the blue curtains from Chris’ office.


We reused most of the furniture from my studio as well.  We did not have room for the painted wingback chair nor the chandelier.  Well, I could hang the chandelier, but I figure I’m fine without it since it’s a rental and only temporary.





What do you think?



  1. I love the rug! And I think the short curtains look just fine in this room!

  2. i think it looks awesome! i think it all works very well, and agree that the short curtains are just fine!

  3. Great, now I feel like an idiot saying short curtains look like high waters…if I would of known you were using them in your new office I would of said it works as a temporary I like how they bring in color to the room, so it works!

    • Hahaha, I don’t love them either. I would have never done except that it’s a temporary thing… No worries!! I eluded to using them in the last post so people wouldn’t be caught off guard. But, for real, I’m not a huge fan.

  4. Jennifer Johnson

    I absolutely love the room! IF you really don’t like the short curtains, why don’t you sew a different color fabric to the bottom to make it the length you want? Black, white, zebra print… you get the idea. Since I decorate best by using other people’s ideas and I’m not often up on the latest trends, that might be really ‘yesterday’ as far as designing goes. However, my friend has curtains in her house very similar to that style (long burgundy curtains with the bottom portion gold) and it looks awesome. What I do when I want to see how something might look is take a picture of it and print it out, then using an exact-0 knife, I cut out the portion I want to change and put it over something in the color I would consider and see how it looks. Does that make sense? Just an idea! Blessings!

  5. I think it looks great. And this is probably the only instance where I would like short curtains and here’s why: your windows are quite long, so the curtains don’t look stumpy. In fact, I really like that they only come to the base of the windows. But it only works for tall windows like yours. :)

  6. For a temporary office, I think it looks wonderful! That rug is so bold and pretty awesome =)

  7. I would call those “medium curtains,” not short curtains. They’re like shoulder length hair. Not long, not short. :-) AND, I think they look lovely in the room. Still long enough to bring a touch of elegance, but the length is more whimsical and cute.

  8. It is so helpful for you to show us how to decorate rented home. It certainly has its challenges but it certainly applies to a lot of us that rent! I think your office looks great!

  9. Wow you have made it look great for your temporary space!

  10. Looks great to me! What does your living room look like? This looks familiar enough to seem like home, doesn’t it? Ann

    • Exactly. Even though it’s temporary, at least it’s familiar enough to feel like home. We unpacked just enough to accomplish that. I’ll have to show a photo of the bedroom that is filled with boxes that will not be unpacked sometime!

  11. Hey Kristy,
    Do you still have the white table used in the craft room? I have enjoyed watching it since we sold it to you. (My husband still doesn’t forgive me for it.) If you consider selling it in the new house, let me know, would you? Lol, I might have to purchase it back as a surprise gift for him!! (He can’t get over it. Sentimental fool. :)

    • That’s too funny. Out of all the things we sold, we kept the table!! :) I still love it. And, I’ve had several people ask if I would sell it. But, the clencher is… we’ve moved to TX. So, it’d be pretty hard for you to get for him. :) But, I’ll let you know if we do sell it.

  12. I stil read your blog and love I knew about the move. We actually are moving to Mississippi, so we’d be in the neighborhood if you ever did consider selling it. I’m not asking you to by any means, just that if you ever do think about it….I’d sure be so so thankful if you’d let me know first.
    Thanks so much!!

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