Happy Valentine’s Day!  Just the right day to talk about pink.

I told my husband today that this is the exact kitchen I want.


He said no.  But…. he did say that if I wanted, I could make pink curtains for the media room/ loft!

image  image

image  image

Sweet!   Now to debate if I want to take him up on that offer.  It’s his first time to say yes to something pink for a room that he enters.

The other real debate?  Remember, I said we are using what we have for the rental.  Not buying anything new because what if we cannot use it in the new house once we find one to buy!  Well, we may make one exception – curtains in the loft space.  We have some that are up now, but they aren’t working as well as I had hoped.  I can probably tolerate them, but then again, if I make some I can save money and changes are very high that I can find two windows in the new house to reuse them on.  Hmm…  What would you do?

I ordered a few fabric samples, just to have something tangible to check out.  Do you usually try a sample first before committing?

Just the right fabric isn’t easy to find, then there is the making them part.  Do I really want to work this hard for a temporary rental?!  Not sure…

Does your husband embrace pink?  Do you love pink?

Oh, and what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  It’s one of those holiday we rebel from…  :)  Are you a fan of v-day?



  1. Good psychology! Tell your husband you want a room done in pink, and he agrees to one item in pink. If your husband gave you the green light on pink curtains, go for it. You never know if this day will come again.

  2. That kitchen is amazing! I talked Corey into letting me paint our guest room pink, and I love it! I think you should go for the curtains – that’s something that is so easy to re-use in another home!

  3. I’m bad, I don’t order samples. I just go with it and if it stinks I save it for something else. I’ve only had this happen a few times. That kitchen is awesome by the way :) And, if he said he was cool with pink curtains I’d run with it before he changes his mind!

  4. yep I always try and order samples- even though the “I want it now” in me hates doing that- but I’ve learned my lesson one too many times. And just do a simple drape-where you sew the sides and hem the bottom with seam tape and hang them clip hooks. OR head over to HomeGoods and see if you can find a pair of table cloths (for tables that seat 8-10) those work AMAZING for drapery panels- I’ve done that many times.

  5. I will have that kitchen one day. We are trying to buy a house, and every kitchen we walk in I say “Wouldn’t it be even prettier if it was pink?!?!?”
    He hasn’t quite got on board yet, but I told him since i’m the one who spends the majority of the time in there, it should be the color I want! :)
    I would just hold out on buying drapes. Odds are, they won’t be “exactly” right at your new space and you would have waisted the money!

  6. I’m not a fan of feminine, frilly things but I love that kitchen. If ever pink weren’t girly, that would be it! Perfect lesson for when I get married…shock him with something outrageous and then settle for something more subdued I had in mind in the first place. Hahaha. Thanks Kristy!

  7. I would wait too. That way you dont spend money on something that doesn’t work for your house whenever you buy it. Since we are closing on our house tomorrow we dont really have enough time to celebrate tonight, but we are going out tomorrow!

  8. My wife hates pink. I pick with her about doing major things like painting walls pink etc, and she always tells me she’ll go along with whatever I think will look good. I would never do anything that I know she would hate though. We are very much in tune when it comes to home decor, so it works out well! :)

  9. You know, I’ve never been a pink person but this “spring” (I’m time traveling :-) ) I’m so attracted to deep, fuschia like pink, combined with other bright colors. I want to re-do my guest bath in these colors. If your hubby says ok for the curtains, you go girl! I rarely order fabric samples…I just go with the urge. 99% of the time all works out. I’m looking now for fabric for a shower curtain for aforementioned bath. Where do you shop for fabric?

    I think if you did have a pink kitchen like the one shown, it would be a knockout! :-)


  10. If you decide to go with the curtains and would like some help, let me know. I’m not by any means a great seamstress but have put my home ec training to good use in my bedroom.

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