Ideas For Our Next Home

As I contemplate homes to buy here in Austin, which we are enjoying so far, I like to toss around how I’d design things differently in my home this time around and what I may use.

Let’s talk chairs today.  There are so many types and I love so many.  It can be really tough to decide what to get for your room design.

This is the Series 7 Chair.  I’m sure you’ve seen them around.


First designed in 1955 by Arne-Jacobsen, the Series 7 chair has become iconic.  It is sleek and simple, usually made from laminate wood and metal.  It can be paired with ornate tables or rustic farmhouse tables.  It comes in many colors which can add a punch to any room.

Let’s see how it looks in various scenarios.


I love the contrast of the varying styles in the room above.  I would consider something like that.






I’ve seen the price vary from $79 each at to $1000 each.  Target has a one for $79 in several colors or a set of 4 chairs for $360.

image  image

Or, you could go with IKEA’s similar chair for $40 or the second one below for $25.

image image

What prices have you seen out there?

I’m considering these for my breakfast room when we buy a home.  However, I’m also considering other things.  We’ll see!  Gotta find a home first.  We’re seriously talking to a couple of spec home builders, but we’re not clear on how far it will go yet, but we’re hoping something works out!

Do you own any?  Do you think they are comfortable?  Where did you get yours?   If you don’t own one, would you ever be interested?  What do you think?



  1. Friends of ours have some similar to those and they are fairly comfortable to sit in, as comfortable as a wood chair can be after awhile at least.

  2. I REALLY like the look of these chairs and even condidered them for a while, but in the end decided they wouldn’t be comforable. They might be okay for a breakfast room though.

  3. I have some chairs, similar to the Ikea ones you posted about. I found mine online, local classifieds. They were 2 for $10!

  4. LOVE the 1st two choices, but not a fan of the more square backed options.
    We have something similar for the boys’ desk in the basement. I’ve never sat in it long enough, but I don’t hear them complaining. ;)

  5. Love them, they seem to look great in any setting. I don’t have any, but now I want some!

  6. in our kitchen, I have a farmhouse table with 4 ant chairs. I found the ant chairs at Goodwill for $4.99 each. I think they’re super comfortable!

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