Short Curtains

I remember Emily Clark talking about short curtains (café length) a while back.  She ended up doing them in her dining room, seen below.


Now, I love for curtains to touch the floor and maybe slightly pool on the floor.  But, I have to admit, these look pretty good!

Here are some other examples.



What’s your take?  I may have to make some curtains that aren’t quite long enough work in my temporary office… just trying to feel like it’s “okay.”  So, make me feel better.  Ha.  Just playing, you can hate them if you want.

Do you think they are making a comeback?



  1. I don’t mind short ones over a sink in the kitchen, but anywhere else, they just feel a little bit awkward to me. Plus, growing up, my mother always had these types of short curtains on all of our windows so they feel very old-fashioned to me. I would add a band of extra fabric along the bottom to make them longer {if they were mine!} :)

  2. I just made my 1st pair of short curtains for the boys room- I thought Id never like them-but they turned out really nice. My main reason for going short was one of the boys beds backs right up against the window and long drapery would have been lost behind the bed anyway.

  3. I can’t put my finger on it, but still not my favorite! Although they look beautiful in these photos, just not for me.

  4. I love them in the kitchen and they even work in the dining room picture. But for me, I need lush long curtains and lots of texture in pretty much every other room. I think it makes it feel more inviting. But that’s just my personal preference… they still look cute.

  5. The short curtains over the sink work because there’s something below to cut them off. The other ones just look like they ran out of fabric…

  6. It really depends on the room, but short curtains can look really nice. Kristen at ,a href=”” title=”Popcorn on the Stove”> just made short curtains that I think look great!

  7. not a fan unless there is something below them…bench or countertop. otherwise splurge for enough fabric!

  8. I recently sewed some short curtains for my office (a necessity since my desk goes right up against the wall under the window), and I so wish they were longer. Longer curtains just look so much more elegant, they give the room more height, and they just somehow look more “finished.” But sometimes short is necessary!

  9. Short, long, inbetween; it’s window fashion. Each of us wear different outfits/fashion and our windows are the same. To each, his own. It all looks good to me. Dress your windows as you wish!

    • That is so funny because that is almost exactly, word for word, how I just explained it to my hubby! But, personally, I do prefer long… but yep, total personal preference. Just wondering if others think the short look is truly coming back in a big way.

  10. Short curtains make me nervous. Is that weird? Don’t answer that. I feel like something is missing with them….probably the other half of the curtain.

  11. Not a fan of them. If they don’t have a stopping point below them, like in the kitchen picture, I think they look like high water pants LOL

  12. I don’t think they will make a big comeback. I think they are a little quirky but in the right circumstance they look unique and clever. I personally like them because I love when someone takes a risk!

  13. I don’t think I would ever do short curtains but may be ideal if you have small kids or unruly house pets. I have a friend who lost silk panels because her dog decided to use them for territorial marking. Yikes! Anyway, what is the fabric for the bedroom curtains? They are gorgeous!

  14. I’m of the school that there are only two lengths for curtains:
    1. to the floor
    2. to the bottom of the molding of your window.

    I have both lengths in my house and I like them both in those different locations for various reasons.

  15. I really think the last room, the bedroom, would look better with long curtains as it would make the room less boxy looking. Short curtains have a place in decorating but it is more casual and runs the error of making boxes out of the windows. Especially if there are more than two windows in a room.

    Personally, I would have done all these curtains to the bottom of the window trim. For me it has a more finished look. But I do recall that I once learned there were three appropriate lengths for curtains (too the floor, to the bottom of the trim, and to the bottom of the window sill.

    I too like the bedroom fabric.

    • I totally agree with Cindy. I just put up short egg shell white sheers in my bedroom, and believe me, it is different, and it looks great. The shades underneath are honeycomb light filtering shades. The windows look fabulous. I like being different, and whatever I do people always rave over it. I say think out of the box. Why be like everyone else?

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