Two Fun Austin Stores

If you are willing to drive around and explore, Austin has so many unique stores tucked in its nooks and crannies. I want to share two with you today!

1.  Uncommon Objects.

This is a Soco find (located on South Congress).  It’s an amazing place that I would imagine the American Picker’s would love, though it’s a little pricey.   Uncommon Objects is a large store with lots of unusual finds just packed in.  I got out my phone and took a few photos.  Here are some photos I snapped with it.

UO and Phone-063  UO and Phone-064

UO and Phone-065  UO and Phone-066

UO and Phone-067  UO and Phone-070

UO and Phone-073  UO and Phone-074

UO and Phone-075  UO and Phone-078

UO and Phone-076

UO and Phone-080  UO and Phone-081

UO and Phone-083  UO and Phone-084

UO and Phone-089  UO and Phone-095

UO and Phone-097  UO and Phone-098

UO and Phone-099  UO and Phone-110

I love the quirkyness at this shop and in Austin in general.

2. Fortney’s.

The second shop that I want to tell you about is Fortney’s which is located on the famous Sixth Street.   My brother, sister-in-law, husband and I all wondered through Fortney’s and we were all amazed at the inventory. It was overwhelming to take it all in. From architectural salvage to antiques to reworked furniture.

I wish I had my camera with me or thought to grab my phone, but my eyes were just too busy looking. I will make a trip back with my camera, but I didn’t want to forget to tell you about it. So, here are some images from their website. It’s way better in person!

image image

image image

And, they had this exact floor lamp that I saw in the Scott Felder model home.  It was $699.  I know West Elm has a similar one for less.

untitled shoot-075

He has an inside space, outside space and a small cabin in the back, all filled!




You really have to just go there because it’s truly better than these photos on his website show.

Do you enjoy finding these unique treasures in your city?  Austin has so many more of these stores than Phoenix.  What stores have you found?



  1. I’ve been to Uncommon Objects and they did have some cool stuff, a little on the expensive side. I haven’t been to the other one, but I need to! I’m coming down to Austin in April, I think, for the Better Homes and Garden Show {at least I’m pretty sure that’s the name of it, it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet, ha!}

  2. How cool! We are severely lacking great store like that in our town. Might be a good thing though for our bank account ;)

  3. I LITERALLY dream of going to Austin someday and getting to go to Austin City Limits. Now on my list is visiting Uncommon Goods. SERIOUSLY LOOKS AMAZING. And also, I’m a HUGE American Pickers fan. :-)

  4. That’s so cool! Was most of the stuff expensive or is it a mixture of expensive and reasonably priced?

  5. I ADORE Uncommon Objects. I could spend hours and hours in there! In fact, for Christmas this year I bought a bunch of vintage tins from Uncommon Objects and made all the women in my family homemade candles with them. Also bought some skeleton keys, old beads and a long chain and made my hip little sister a necklace. So fun, that place!

  6. Oh, thank you for posting!!! I love Uncommon Objects!! Love the photos and wish I could visit.

  7. Sock Monkeys! at Uncommon Objects. I love the pictures, but I will probably never go to Texas. Are you going to change your design aesthetic now that you are in Texas? Add any food to your purse yet? Ann

    • Hi Ann! Nope, haven’t added food yet, but I did add an umbrella which came in very handy yesterday when we were in north Austin and got hit by a wintery mix. Yes, I’m going to change my design aesthetic a little… it’s constantly changing anyway. But, I plan to add in more restic and industrial. Just need to see the actual home first so I know what works best with it.

  8. Does this store ship to Canada?!
    I love that railroad crossing sign – graphic design element AND apt (by day, I work in finance at a railroad).

  9. Hi Kristy, you need to head up to Burnet road. There used to be some awesome antique shops and things like that just south of Koening. If I remember the exact area, I’ll let you know. I love browsing in Uncommon Objects. Unfortunately, they are proud of a lot of their merchandise and I wasn’t willing to pay their prices for the pieces I found.

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