Faux Bamboo Chairs. Another Craigslist Score!

First, I will announce the Shabby Apple giveaway winner:  #65.   Randi Sampson.  Congrats!

On to the post.

Faux Bamboo Chairs.  They are also referred to as the Chinese Chippendale or Chinoiserie, meaning Asian influence.

Famous furniture maker Thomas Chippendale spoke of them in his book The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker’s Director, way back in 1754.  The faux-bamboo elements and heavy lacquer were an immediate hit.

The popularity of the Chinese Chippendale remained steady through the 1930′s where it became part of the glamorous Hollywood Regency style.  It re-emerged again in the 1960′s, again retro chic and totally mod.  These chairs continue to be popular, adding style to virtually any room.

You saw them in green in the breakfast room design board for the new house that I posted this past week.

Well, I scored six plus a table for $300 off of Craigslist!  Pardon these photos as they are straight from Craigslist.  Once I get them in our new home in a few weeks, I’ll show them to you there.

image image

They are from 1976 and all original, made by Meadowcraft.  Love the fretwork.  It matches the coffee table I just scored off of Craigslist last week.

I plan to paint them green and to make some cushions in off white!  Oh, and the table.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  I may get a smaller table top and use it as an end table.

Let’s look at this design in rooms so we can see their full potential.






(Nate Berkus’ home below.)






Remember, I got a table and six chairs for $300.  Once I got home with them, I googled the going price of faux bamboo chippendale chairs.  They go for anywhere between $200-1300 EACH.

Some of my favorite places to get reproductions are Williams Sonoma Home, Jonathan Adler, Ethan Allen, Ballard Designs and Wisteria.

Below is a Jonathan Adler chair now selling for $495 each, though it is on sale.  It doesn’t say what material it’s made from.


And, this aluminum faux bamboo chippendale chair is selling for $1250!


No matter the worth, I love them and they were just what I was looking for.

What do you think of the chairs?  Have you used faux bamboo chairs in your home?  What is your best Craigslist find lately?


Quick update.  You can see them painted blue on the Tour page and or even more photos here.

And, in case you were wondering, I saw these on One King’s Lane.  Exact same chairs.  Look at the price (sale price).



  1. What a great score! Love faux bamboo chairs.

  2. wow!! now that is a score!! Im telling ya- Austin Craigslist is amazing. lucky girl! CAN NOT wait to see them in the new place.

  3. I am trying really hard not to COVET right now! Wow, what a score!!!! This makes me two free coffee tables pale in comparison. ;) No really I love them and am happy you found them for such a great deal!

  4. Those are going to look great in green! I can’t believe you actually found what you were looking for! I never get that lucky on CL!

  5. Well, I’m happy for you, and trying not to be jealous. Awesome score – my craig has been dreadful lately! Hope you can stop by my blog – I’d love to get your opinion! Oh, and thumbs-up on the green chairs!

  6. Oooh fabulous, what a great deal!! Thanks for your comment on my chairs! :) Honestly, I think it’s the best deal I’ve EVER got on eBay (We have CL in the UK but it’s not as popular so I never find much there) and I’m chuffed to bits every time I see them in my dining room!! ;)

    Can’t wait to see them all looking lovely and in situ – you will love them! I’m also quite jealous of your table, it’s gorgeous! xxx

    PS Is it quite weird that I actually like them in yellow? lol xx

  7. Great find! They will look amazing! I find myself getting so frustrated when looking at furniture on craigslist. I live in Dallas and there is just too much to weed through! Do you have any tips? Do you look for specific things (like faux bamboo or a store) or do you just search through all of the furniture posted each day. Would love to know….

  8. Great find!!! Can’t wait to see you work your magic on them!

  9. They are going to be so chic! Your CL is just too good! In a dry spell here, I haven’t bought anything good since last summer!

  10. You are a lucky girl! The design gods must have been looking in your favor. These chairs are truly timeless and I’m sure you will enjoy them in your new home!

  11. You find THE BEST stuff! What a major score! Everything is going to look so amazing Kristy :)

    Could you tell me how you got your recent Pinterest pins to show up on your sidebar? Love that!

  12. Tricia in Austin

    Hey Girl – It’s Tricia here in Austin. Did you find these on craigslist in Austin? I freakin LOVE them. I must say I’m a little jealous. Haha.

  13. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    Wow! That is great set at a great price. I’m so jealous!

  14. OMG they are amazing! Congratulations on the beautiful find – I know those babies are NOT easy to track down on craigslist. And don’t they just make every room at least 47% more fabulous? I think that’s scientific. :)

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