Guest Room in Rental and Huge Furniture Sale!

We are living in a rental in Austin between selling our Phoenix home and buying a home in Austin.  So, as we did with all other rooms in our temporary rental, we decorated the guest room with what we had on hand.  Here is a glimpse of how it turned out.


We used the sunburst and rug from the master and the chair from the office.  The rest was from the guest room in the last house.

It’s now on the home tour page. I also added the media room from our last home.

When I showed the family room in the rental just weeks after moving in, some of you were impressed with the speed of unpacking and decorating, but I promised there were boxes around.  So, as promised, here is a photo of the bedroom that we fondly call “the box room” or “the warehouse.”  We also have half the garage filled.  We’re ready to go back to a bigger house so we can put all of this to good use!

We are currently selling the majority of furniture items in our home!

If you are local and may be interested, please check out our home tour and if interested in anything, email me for details!  Everything is fairly new and in great shape!

What’s for sure NOT for sale:
Sectional, area rugs, blue chairs

Not shown in photos on blog:
TV stand from Pier 1, solid wood black entertainment center, camel colored sofa from Pier 1, patio lounge chairs (though it is pictured on our pics of our yard which is linked from the tour), black sofa table…

What IS for sure for sale:
King sized beds, coffee table in media room, end table in media room, leather sofas, desk and hutch from craft room, bookshelf from craft room, dining table, dining chairs (two sets of four), chandeliers (drum ones from master and dining and colorful one in craft room), camel colored sofa, patio lounge chairs, sofa table, leather recliner in guest room, bedding, maybe some throw pillows, bar stools, and night stands…

I THINK the beds may be sold… pending pickup.  So, feel free to start suggesting headboards/ king beds!

Email and I’ll give you some details and a price, if you are interested in anything.

Feel free to ask about anything!



  1. Guest room looks killer Kristy! So looking forward to seeing the pieces you bring into your new house :)

  2. Wow! Those boxes remind me of “here”. I still have things in my closet that I’ve not gone through since I moved. So many issues but I do think I’ll get to it all soon. You have some wonderful things for sale…wish I lived closer. :-) Wishing you the best!


  3. Can you explain why you moved all this furniture, and now are going to sell it? Will you get more $$ in Austin than in Phoenix? What a lot of work for you, but it is nice to get new things sometimes. Ann

    • Great question. I had no idea how to determine what I wanted to keep and what I would need since I had no idea waht house I’d end up buying. And, even now there are a number of pieces I’m still unsure on until I get them moved in… and, we needed furniture to use in the rental.

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