Navy and Green?

I am working on the basic design plan for the main rooms (breakfast, kitchen, family) in our new home so I know what to buy as I see it!

I love the color combo of navy and green.  A reader suggested navy curtains.  Though I am not sure where I can buy striped navy without them being custom, here’s a quick look at the design boards with navy in them.

(Click on images to see them larger.)

1)  Navy curtains (needs to be solid in breakfast room due to different heights on ceilings and stripes not lining up).


2) With a gray herringbone breakfast room rug and industrial stools.


3) Industrial lighting in breakfast, floral gray rug, chair stools in the kitchen, gray dresser for the tv in the family room, different pillows, wider stripes on the curtains, etc.


4) With garden stools, silver barn lights over island, etc.


And, to remind you,  here it is with gray curtains.


Whatcha think?

By the way, I’ll be deleting the gray wingback that appeared in the first iterations as there isn’t adequate space in the family room.  We may revisit it for another room one day…

Do you prefer the navy and green or the gray and green?   If you like the navy, which one?  Which pillows, lighting, rug?



  1. I really love the navy and green together, and both versions of no. 3. The rug under the kitchen table is gorgeous, and I’m diggin the silver garden stools :) Which I’ll be insanely jealous of!

  2. So much fun! I feel like I’m helping you decorate! :)
    I’m not a huge fan of the lighting choice in image 1.
    You must go with the gray dresser! LOVE that!
    You can’t go wrong with any of these pillow choices.
    I really like the silver barn lights over the island.
    The gray herringbone rug is boring compared to your other options.
    I’m obviously not shy about sharing my opinion, but you did ask.
    BTW-Etsy is a great resource to have those curtains made. I know Ralph Lauren makes a great navy & white stripe.
    Can’t wait to see it all!!!

  3. Navy and green with striped curtains. LOVE! I am doing a navy and green craft room right now. Such fun colors!

  4. I am a fan a navy and green in general, but I REALLy like the gray and green. It really just depends on the space and how you want the room to feel.

  5. You are brave asking everyone might confuse you more.I do think the industrial stools just are not jiving with the “polish” of the kitchen.I love the chevron rug with the navy curtains,it has great balance.I also love the grey dresser.Good luck!

  6. I do love the mix of navy and green! Those were friends of ours wedding colors a few years ago and they compliment each other nicely. It reminds me of a peacock’s feathers!

  7. I like the navy curtains, the chevron rug, but with the lights in the 3rd choice, the industrial lighting. I think the gray floral rug is too safe. Either kitchen fixture would look good. The pillows should look random, not contrived, so you’ll have to try out different ones in the space. Good luck, Ann

  8. LOVE all of it! Did I miss your new home post!? How are you loving it? So jealous of your new craigslist life!! haha!!! SO FUN!!

  9. Hi Kristy! I’m really liking the gray and the green. I think it will look great overall and will flow wonderfully with the industrial looking lights in the breakfast.

  10. Blue, kelly green and grey accent pieces :) They look wonderful together.

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