New Kitchen Glimpse and Ideas

What’s the new house look like?   How are you going to decorate it?  I’ll share a bit about that today.  And, let you meet our new kitchen!

I talked about how I am currently drawn to kelly green yesterday.  I wanted to see how it may look in the new home, so I threw together a few ROUGH design boards- so suggestions are welcome.

Items that are for sure going to be there – coffee table though the color is optional, pedestal dining table and almond sectional.  The rest is up for grabs!

1)  Wire chair, striped curtains, arc lamp, barn lights in kitchen, etc.  Oh, and that’s the kitchen in the house we are buying.


The greens would all match – I’m just being to lazy to get it all perfect in Photoshop since it’s just rough drafts.

Connected to it are the breakfast room and family rooms.  The family room has dark wood floors.  The dresser would act as a television stand.  The rest is fairly self explanatory.

You can click to enlarge any of the images.

2)  Green chairs with a similar fretwork pattern as the coffee table.  This simulates a gold coffee table.  I know, the Photoshop work isn’t too hot.


3)  And, with solid gray curtains, the green coffee table, a chandy in the breakfast room and wire bar stools.  Ignore the white, it’s just a wire back.  And, they are not to scale.


4) Striped curtains only in family room.  A few different accessories and different lighting and stools in the kitchen. (Lights are glass jar style.)


5)  With the table being oval instead of round and two woven lights over it. Glass pendant lights (jar style) over island.


6) Different bar stools, curtains and breakfast room lighting.


7) Sisal rug in family room, wheat grass on bar, solid curtains in breakfast as the two ceiling heights are different and the stripes will not line up between the two rooms.


Keep in mind that the sofa is close almond colored.  It’s not white.

Remember, you can click any image to enlarge it.

Again, just brainstorming and playing around with it at the moment.  But, I’m going to stop here instead of boring you with every possible combination.  You get the idea.  Do any stand out to you?

What elements do you like?  Curtains?  Stools?  Chairs?  Lighting?  Colors?  Color of coffee table?



  1. cant wait to see what you pick and curious to hear what your readers say as well. Really loving those stripes !!

  2. I love the curtains with the gold mirror and the fun green coffee table. That color combo is going to look great together!

    As for the kitchen I like Option #3 the best with the metal stools. I think those go the best with the traditional looking cabinets.

    Good luck!


  3. - I really like options 3 for the dining room! Like a LOT. I like the solid curtains and that the candelier is a little more traditional like the kitchen.
    - I like the jar style lights for the bar and the last bar stools.
    - Green coffee table and striped curtains for living room

    Great color combination!

  4. Congrats on the house, Kristy! I know you must be so excited. The kitchen is awesome!

  5. #4 or 6. Those are my picks!

  6. I love option #2 with the gold table. It just brings out the sunburst mirror. Kelly green is such a great color, and it makes such an impact in small doses, like the pillows and awesome chairs!

  7. I am actually *really* loving #4…I like that stool option the best for some reason, it feels like it has the most character and functionality…and I’m definitely diggin’ the green for that coffee table, it’s awesome. I’m also a little partial to the tiny industrial edge it gives the space (c: Of course, all of them are pretty fantastic, so you definitely can’t go wrong!

  8. Oh wow, the kitchen looks great! Love the boards you created……my brain is mush right now thanks to this cold so I have no suggestions other than wash your hands and keep lots of tissue nearby. ;) I will say that the kelly green is fabulous though!

  9. Oh my, they are all fabulous! I think I’m drawn to #1 and #6. Can’t wait to see it all! You’re so great at what you do :)

  10. Kristy,

    I blog about green so you know I’m all for anything green you pick out!!! I love the coffee table in kelly green and the chair in the kelly. I’m also the founder of The Green Slipper Society and our shoe color is kelly green! I have complete four living room suits in my home and 2 of the 4 are sage green! I’m green obsessed! Have fun decorating

  11. #7,#7,#7! I really like the the
    changes you made. I think it all flows really well.

  12. Love your color choices, Kristy! I’d choose #6, I like the striped drapes in both rooms, but the barstools may look a little heavy, although I used them for a client and they’re beautiful in person. Several of the dining room chandeliers would look great, the industrial probably not my favorite. So exciting to follow along!

  13. I think #3 is my absolute favorite! That kitchen looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do! :)

  14. I really like the gray….Navy and green remind me of the T-shirt colors that come out every spring…not my fav.
    Lucky to have been in your home in Peoria…my daughter was buying a new home and I was tagging along, still dream of recreating your laundry room in my own home! Lots of luck in your new home!

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