Partnering on Printable with Blue Soul Designs

I partnered with my friend Sarah from Blue Soul Designs and we created this printable to be sold in her Etsy shop.


Also comes in these colors plus a couple of others.


If you are wondering what in the world it means, it’s a reference to Portlandia.

This video helps to explain it.  They go around putting bird cut outs on everything to make it “better.”

And, if you haven’t checked out the Blue Soul Designs Etsy shop in a while, you should.  She has lots of new inventory.

image image image  image image

To buy one of these prints, click here.    As I shared a while back on the giveaway she did, Sarah started her shop as a way to try to raise money for her medical treatment.  So, the profit is going to a good cause.



  1. These are hysterical! I checked out your friends Etsy shop and LOVE her rings. Def going to order one (as soon as I figure out my ring size!) ps. found you on houseblogging. and your zebra rug is ah-mazing. So is the multicolored chandelier!!

  2. Haha! My office has a little bird that we stick to things all the time.

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