Arcadian Lighting Review

I purchased three of these Landmark Lighting Chadwick Transitional Pendant Light in polished nickel for our kitchen.


How did I decide on these particular lights?  We are doing an industrial meets rustic meets sophication feel to the main areas of our home.  We needed something industrial, yet chic.  These particular lights seemed to meet that description the best with their polished nickel, interesting, almost naval lines and finished look.  The color adds such a great contemporary element as well as a pop of brightness to the space.

They arrived in a timely manner and I got right to work hanging them.  It was pretty much like installing any ceiling light.  You remove the old one, put up a new plate, attach the ground wire, then attach the live an neutral wires as well.  Screw in the mount and you’re done!  If that sounds confusing, just look it up online – I’m no expert!

Here is a quick before shot of the kitchen.


That was the lighting that the builder had installed.  I wish I had a photo of it turned off, but this is all I have!

And, after we installed the new lights from Arcadian.



A little closer up?

Light-002 Light-001

The new ones are much wider at 13 inches and therefore, make more of a statement.  The original builder grade fixtures were just 8 inches across.

The one thing I was a little disappointed in is if I had higher ceilings than 10 ft in the kitchen, they wouldn’t have had extension poles long enough in the kit that came with them.  Thank goodness my ceilings are just 10 feet.

Okay, maybe there are two things.  One of the lights had some maybe finger marks or something on it, but it will not wipe off.  It’s on the dome area, so I’m not overly worried, but for the money, that shouldn’t have been the case.  Had I complained, I’m sure Arcadian would have worked with me on it.

Other than those two minor things, I love them.  We’re already getting compliments on them!  I think they make the kitchen.

I highly recommend Arcadian as a company and this light fixture specifically.  Hope you’ll check them out!



  1. They are perfect in your kitchen! And, exactly what I’d love to have in mine :)

  2. I LOVE those lights. They looks fabulous in your kitchen, I love the modern flare they add. I’m a new reader!

  3. Hi! Nice to find you! what a huge difference those pendants make. It looks so much more upscale and less “builders grade”! PERFECT- and great job installing them!

  4. Maybe they could recommend a cleaner for the lights. I’m sure they can, this must happen all the time. They look great, and big presence. Ann

  5. I think your new pendants look very industrial chic! I love them. They add a pop of sparkle and look beautiful with your kitchen faucet.

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